Emtee Pearl Thusi

Emtee and Pearl Thusi. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi @emteethehustla

Pearl Thusi says she’s making music, wants to work with Emtee

Pearl Thusi just revealed that she is entering the South African music scene and the first person she wants to work with is Emtee.

Emtee Pearl Thusi

Emtee and Pearl Thusi. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi @emteethehustla

South African actress Pearl Thusi is definitely stepping out of her comfort zone and recently shot to the top of Twitter trends with her risqué outfit choices. She has now opened up about her latest ventures and appears to have taken an interest in music. Speaking o DJ Fresh in the latest episode of his WAW What A Week podcast, the star revealed that she is working on something musical.

She also said that she would love to work with local Emtee who recently admitted to having the biggest crush on her.

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Pearl Thusi turns to music, hopes to work with Emtee

Pearl Thusi is a certainly a force to be reckoned with. While she’s been in the entertainment industry for ages, she knows just how to stay relevant.

The Queen Sono star stayed on the top of Twitter trends after showing off her bare breasts in a sheer top.

While most people shunned her for the bold move, she kept her head up and wore another revealing outfit just a few days later.

Pearl Thusi emtee sbahle mpisane
Pearl Thusi’s semi-nude photos have cause quite a ruckus on social media. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

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Making other daring moves

The star now says that she is working on some music and wouldn’t mind an Emtee feature. Speaking to DJ Fresh, she shared that there is a ton up her sleeve as she is looking to build an empire.

“I’m trying to focus on building things for myself instead of living in a world of dependency on producers, directors and other people. So right now I am trying to build an empire for myself so that when I do get involved in other people’s projects it’s not out of desperation or only because of the paycheck,” she said, also adding:

“I’m actually looking to make some apparel, I am writing some beautiful stories. On-screen I did a short film that I produced as well with Mo Abudu that’s going to be making some Festival rounds. It’s called Her Perfect Life. It deals with depression and suicide. I’m making music.”

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