Pearl Thusi

In a funny video, Pearl Thusi shared some of the ways she disciplines her child. Image via Instagram (screenshot) @pearlthusi

‘Creeping’: Pearl Thusi fears parenting is turning her into her mom

In a hilarious clip, Pearl Thusi gave her online followers insight into how “hectic” parenting has turned her into her own mother.

Pearl Thusi

In a funny video, Pearl Thusi shared some of the ways she disciplines her child. Image via Instagram (screenshot) @pearlthusi

TV presenter and actor Pearl Thusi can not believe she is turning into her mother and took to Instagram on 17 March and shared why she was convinced that she had inherited some of her mother’s ways of disciplining as she reflected in some of the ways she reacts to her teenage daughter Thandolwethu Mokoena, as a young mom.


 Pearl Thusi proved that celebrities are just as human as the rest of us when she described some of the things she goes through as a mom.

According to Zalebs, the South African talent revealed she had her daughter during her first year at university and decided to defer her studies to care of her child.

Her daughter, now a teenager, is showing Pearl Thusi flames.

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The Queen Sono actress shared that she believed she was turning into her mother. She finds herself reacting in similar ways her mother did towards her when she was growing up.

She could be seen laughing at herself and saying that it was truly “hectic” to parent.

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The media personality said she often finds herself staring at her kid and thinking to herself that she is going to kill her, yet knowing all too well that she is never going to do that.

Another thing the TV presenter finds herself doing is speaking in her mother tongue, Zulu, and says English goes out the window as soon she gets “truly upset.”

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Pear Thusi doubts she was anything like her daughter who she says drives her up the wall.

Taking to Instagram, she captioned,

 “Quickly for all my parents of colour out there😭😭😭.”

After listening to the media personality in the clip, her online followers let her know she was not alone. They shared some funny ways they discovered they had also turned into their mothers as adults.

Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi’s had a lot to share about parenting as a young mom. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

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“All I was told was that your time will come! As I was blasting the Fresh Prince. Parents just don’t understand!” @easy141 commented.

“Thing is: we don’t believe that we are old now 🤣😂,” @clementmaosa replied.

“You know old age creeping in when you walk in a room and yo kids start moving fast to fix the lounge area without u saying anything…I’m like, I did that. omg 😲 how old am I 😂.” @rachelodion1 commented.

“Zulu is the #1 language to reprimand your children 😂 Just say ‘Hheyi, wena, 🤨’ and everything comes to a standstill 👀,’ @magwaza29 wrote.

“Yho, I have that look I give my son that my mom used to give me when I misbehave😂😂😂😂😂❤️,” @ladymakh shared.

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