Springboks Siya Kolisi pants

Siya Kolisi and Jesse Kriel. image via Instagram @rugbypass

Pants off? Springboks’ Siya Kolisi and Jesse Kriel’s training video goes viral

They are not leaving anything to chance – Springboks star Siya Kolisi almost took off Jesse Kriel’s pants in training.

Springboks Siya Kolisi pants

Siya Kolisi and Jesse Kriel. image via Instagram @rugbypass

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi lifted Jesse Kriel with his pants and almost had them off in training.

The atmosphere is getting tense as the Springboks prepare to face the All Blacks.

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The Springboks were unconvincing in their last two games, and they are aware of it.

They put in a lot of work in training and are not taking any prisoners.

Siya Kolisi, the captain, had been leading by example, lifting Jesse Kriel with his pants.

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Indeed, nobody can imagine what happens back there, and it’s all or nothing for the Springboks.

Sharing on their Instagram age, Rugbypass thrilled fans with the training visuals.

“South Africa vs New Zealand 🔥 #rugby”

Springboks Siya Kolisi pants
Springboks stars. image via Instagram @rugbypass


One thing is for sure: the Springboks are up for the task and working so hard to defend the title.

Siya Kolisi showed the strength, not many fans thought he had when lifting Jesse.

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He grabbed him by his pants and saw him receive the ball; many fans loved it.

Surprisingly, some of the fans forgot anything about the game and focused on the incident of seeing Jesse’s thighs.


After the Springboks stars Siya Kolisi and Jesse Kriel’s training video, Siya almost took off Jesse’s pants, showing how much fans loved it.

“The man is so jacked you can even see his TFL muscle. It’s more like WTF muscle.”

“Women are not commenting cz they are busy watching this reel on repeat😂”

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“Now, this is what’s called a professional wedge 😂😂😂😂”

“Except for the players, the stongest thing on the pitch is also the rugby shorts, they can whithstand hell lots of stuff ngl”

“Some of these comments omfg. Have any of you actually considered that women don’t just watch the rugby for the men and actually for the game?”

“The ripples on his muscles yohhhhhhh…. A machine…. The view ain’t toi bad as well”