England Bongi Mbonambi statement

Tom Curry and Bongi Mbonambi. image via Instagram @thomascurry_7 @bokrugby

BREAKING: England opens a fresh case against Bongi Mbonambi [Statement]

England released an official statement saying that Springboks Bongi Mbonambi once verbally abused Tom Curry in 2022.

England Bongi Mbonambi statement

Tom Curry and Bongi Mbonambi. image via Instagram @thomascurry_7 @bokrugby

England has released a statement on Springbok star Bongi Mbonambi’s case.

The past few days, they had been busy as the World Rugby investigated the case of Tom Curry and Mbonambi.

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The decision was to allow Bongi Mbonambi to continue playing without charges, but the English side seemed unhappy.

They have insisted that Bongi Mbonambi racially abused Curry during the match.

They also opened a fresh case, saying it was not Mbonambi’s first abuse of Curry.

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The statement said he did the same thing in the Autumn Test 2022.

Cementing their accusations on Mbonambi, they showed a lot of disappointment in the decision to allow him to play.

“The subsequent World Rugby investigation were informed by Tom Curry that he had also been a victim of the same abuse from the same player in the Autumn Test 2022.”

England Bongi Mbonambi statement
England’s statement on the Bongi Mbonambi case. images via Instagram @englandrugby


Their complete statement showed much about England’s position on the case and their seriousness.

“The RFU fully support Tom Curry in raising the racially abusive behaviour he experienced while playing for England against South Africa.” they started.

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“During the match between England and South Africa on Saturday 21st October 2023, Tom Curry reported to the referee that he had been racially abused by Mbongebi Mbonambi.” they continued.

“World Rugby have today announced their decision not to bring charges in respect of either incident.” showing their disappointment.

The statement continued as they expressed dissatisfaction and belief that Tom was racially abused.


As England accused Springbok Bongi Mbonambi with a fresh case, many fans had their say and were divided.

“Protecting SA with everything they got…ridiculous.”

“Would be so different if it was the other way round 🤔”

“either way, there is clear bias towards the southern hemisphere teams this year. no saltiness either, English fan who just wanted to get out the group so very happy to get to where we got”

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“Be a different story if it was the other way round….”

“You can report it as long as you aren’t English it comes across ok to ban Farrell but not deal with this as it would make England look the better team of which they were on that pitch. It should not be one rule for one and one rule for another!”

“Disgusting decision by World Rugby. Had the roles been reversed we know ot would have been different”