Ntando Duma's age

Ntando Duma’s 28th birthday celebrations. Images from Instagram@dumantando

‘Sweet 16 this one’: Ntando Duma’s age revealed on her birthday [photos]

PICTURES – Actress Ntando Duma recently celebrated her birthday with an ‘Old School’ themed party that has thrust her into top trends.

Ntando Duma's age

Ntando Duma’s 28th birthday celebrations. Images from Instagram@dumantando

Ntando Duma is making headlines in the backdrop of her birthday. The celebrated actress took to social media to celebrate her birthday.

Ntando Duma shared photos and captioned them with her date of birth. The actress finally disclosed her age after keeping it under wraps for years.

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Undoubtedly, South Africans were more than puzzled by Ntando Duma’s age. After all, she is older than she looks.

The celebrated star actress turned 28. She was born on 29 August 1995 in Orange Farm, a township near Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa. The actress was reportedly raised alongside her three siblings, including bubbly DJ and influencer Thando Duma.

Over the years, the two have been rumoured to be twins, but they are sisters who look alike.

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Ntando Duma's age
Ntando Duma’s birthday celebrations. Images from Instagram@dumantando

In the backdrop of her birthday post, fellow celebrities flooded her comments section with birthday wishes.

She thanked her fans and fellow actors: “Thank you all for the love you’ve shown me on my birthday, izolo. To my close friends and family, thank you for celebrating with me. Love you to the core! Super grateful to you all. Inkosi inibusise,”

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The actress also shared photos from her 28th birthday celebrations. Her birthday theme was ‘Old School’, and her guests were expected to dress like those in the 90s.

It seems as if some understood the assignment well. Close friends and family attended the birthday celebrations. It was picture-perfect, and Mzansi was more than impressed.

Pictures from her 28th birthday celebrations have been making rounds on social media since Ntando Duma dropped them.