Ntando Duma musa

Ntando Duma shared a funny clapback with Musa Khawula. Images via Twitter: @dumantando

‘No improvement’: Ntando Duma’s acting skills heavily criticised

Ntando Duma just made her debut on Mzansi Magic’s ‘Shaka iLembe’ and appears to have disappointed viewers with her acting skills.

Ntando Duma musa

Ntando Duma shared a funny clapback with Musa Khawula. Images via Twitter: @dumantando

It wouldn’t be the first time local actress Ntando Duma has faced backlash over her acting skills — or lack there of. The star’s on screen skills have been a little more than lacklustre according to most South African social media users who are now wondering how she is even managing to bag gigs in the entertainment industry.

The actress has been trending all morning after she made her first appearance in South Africa’s latest drama series, Shaka Ilembe.

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Ntando Duma’s performance in ‘Shaka ilembe’ falls short

Just a few weeks ago, Ntando Duma and her badly installed wig left South Africans absolutely cringing.

While her style choices usually inspire applause, it would appear her acting skills — like her wig — have fallen short of many people’s expectations.

Ntando Duma
‘She can’t act or speak Zulu’: Tweeps on Ntando ‘Shaka Ilembe’ role, Image via Instagram Story @dumantando

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This week, the actress made her debut as Bhibhi in Mzansi Magic’s (DStv 161) Shaka iLembe.

While many loved to see her doing her thing in the popular drama series, not everyone thought that she was talented enough for the part.

Taking to Twitter, infamous troll Chris Excel complained about her always landing gigs despite showing ‘no improvement” in her acting skills. Thando Thabethe’s ex Lunga Shabala also caught strays.

“SA television industry is so patient with Ntando Duma and Lunga Shabalala. They’ve been in this acting industry for years but no improvement. But they keep on bagging these acting gigs left and right,” wrote Chris.

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Mzansi weighs in

The post left many people buzzing as they discussed her as an actress. Many appear to believe that she is talented and played Bhibhi perfectly.

“Ntando is perfect for this role and she nailed it,” one person said while another added:

“Mara Ntando is worse …… ‘She Is Definitely Unable To Can’.”

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