Dwayne Johnson expensive mansion

Dwayne Johnson. image via Instagram @therock

When grace locates you: Dwayne Johnson’s expensive mansion gift to a ‘poor’ Zimbabwean fighter

Incredible: Dwayne Johnson gifts a broke Zim fighter who went to Miami with only R128 in the bank an expensive mansion.

Dwayne Johnson expensive mansion

Dwayne Johnson. image via Instagram @therock

American actor Dwayne Johnson gave an expensive mansion to a Zimbabwean UFC Fighter, Themba Gorimbo, as a gift.

Themba narrated his story of how he came to Miami with $7 in his bank account and touched hearts.

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His story left South African star Connie Ferguson praising Dwayne Johnson when he helped him.

It was a surprise, but the mansion that Dwayne Johnson gave to Gorimbo was so beautiful.

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Fans loved it, and Gorimbo cried as Dwayne Johnson walked him from room to room.

Sharing on his Instagram, Themba Gorimbo was out of words as he penned an emotional message.

“7 bucks boys ❤️🤲 @therock. Grateful our 7 bucks story connected and thank you for having my back. I have yours too my brother. The Cinderella man. The Rise.”

Dwayne Johnson expensive mansion
The Rock. image via Instagram @therock


The famous actor flew to come and see Gorimbo, where he stayed and trained.

The Zimbabwean UFC Fighter was left in tears as he explained how much it means to hist such a visitor.

Dwayne Johnson lied that they wanted to see his friend and link him with Gorimbo, but it was all a plan to surprise him.

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They enter the mansion, only for Dwayne Johnson to hand him the keys.

Themba was sleeping in the gym on a couch with his clothes in the corner of the same room.

He said he planned on renting an apartment but immediately vowed to drill another borehole in his rural village.

On top of the expensive furnished mansion, Dwayne Johnson also gave Gorimbo training kits.

He brought both new kits and the ones he had used previously.


Indeed, not only Zimbabweans praised Dwayne Johnson for giving Gorimbo such an expensive mansion.

His gesture left many celebs around the world praising them, but Zimbabweans showed more love.

“That’s crazy man, nothing beats the power of staying positive 🤞🏾🙌🏾 this guy has so much faith which in my opinion is the most powerful currency on planet earth. All God’s children are wealthy cause debit card raMwari rinoshanda kwese”

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“Deep this is love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ from deep down wow”

“What a story, this is American Dream at its best!!!!”

“I think l cried more than Themba”

“$7 story is the best real life emotional and motivational story so far . May God keep blessing him and make him a champion . 👏”