Nota Baloyi . Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Nota slammed Penny over her sexy pic. Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

SA in stitches as Nota brags about having ‘pretty privilege’

‘Aowa! Which looks wena Nota,’ one person wrote after the music exec said he doesn’t count on his good looks to get by in life.

Nota Baloyi . Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Nota slammed Penny over her sexy pic. Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

South African music executive Nota Baloyi is living it up in the States. He has shared photos and videos of himself in the US and claims to have moved there. Despite this, his controversial tweeting habits haven’t seemed to change, he continues to make wild accusations and bizarre comments on everything and anything.

This time the musician manager tweeted about pretty privilege and how people should marry for beauty to ensure their kids — like him — have pretty privilege.

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‘Your kids deserve pretty privilege’: Nota tells SA to ‘marry for beauty’

If there’s one thing about Nota, he doesn’t hold back. Whatever comes to mind, he tweets about it — whether or not it will land him in trouble.

Most of the time, the 33-year-old leaves Twitter users in stitches with his unique out look on life and he has managed to do it once again.

Nota Baloyi says he has pretty privilege. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

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Taking to Twitter, he basically bragged about having pretty privilege. According to him, people should aim to marry beautiful so that their kids can have the privilege that apparently comes with having good looks.

“Marry for beauty… Your kids deserve pretty privilege. Even though I never relied on my looks I always knew I could fall back on them if all else fails! #PrettyBoysWorldwide,” wrote the music exec.

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SA is laughing out loud

The post left Nota’s followers in stitches. Many of them commented on his confidence as well as his ability to make them laugh.

Here are a few of their funny comments:

“Nota, it is light skin which doesn’t translate into pretty. Yes, I agree that within your tribe such is usually mistaken for pretty or handsome.”

“Aowa! Which looks wena Nota?”

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