Malema KFC

EFF leader Julius Malema is getting trolled over his KFC comments. Image: Twitter/EFFSouthAfrica

Julius Malema trolled for saying he hates the smell of KFC

‘Must be his mouth’: South Africans haven’t taken kindly to Malema saying he doesn’t eat KFC because he hates the smell of it.

Malema KFC

EFF leader Julius Malema is getting trolled over his KFC comments. Image: Twitter/EFFSouthAfrica

South African political leader and businessman Julius Malema has been all over our timelines for the last week. This is due to the nationwide protest orchestrated by the EFF that will reportedly take place on Monday 20 March. During one of his speeches discussing the protest, Malema shared that load shedding — one of the reasons for the strike — is forcing people to eat from fast food restaurant KFC. He then added that he doesn’t even eat KFC and in fact, hates the smell.

His thoughts on the fast restaurant spread far and wide on social media causing a number of people to drag him.

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Julius Malema’s KFC comments get him a number of insults

If there’s one thing about Julius Malema, it’s that he never holds back when he has something on his mind.

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The motormouth EFF just caught a lot of flak online for his opinion about South Africa’s favourite fast food restaurant KFC.

According to Malema who was discussing his planned nationwide strike on Monday, load shedding is forcing people to eat KFC.

He also added that he doesn’t like the fast food because “it smells bad”.

Julius Malema KFC
julius Malema says he doesn’t eat KFC. Image: Twitter/EFFSouthAfrica

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Mzansi drags him

While Malema has a fair amount of supporters, he also had an equal amount of critics who don’t waste any time telling him where to get off whenever he says something they don’t agree with.

This was once again the case for the party leader who was dragged thoroughly online for his comments about KFC.

Take a look at some of the things locals had to say:

Gerald Cornelius wrote:

“When the ANC gave out free KFC, this Julius was first in the Queue.

While another Facebooker wrote:

“The smell must be coming from his mouth.”

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