Nadia Nakai Bhebha dance

Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

WATCH: Nadia Nakai’s birthday bum-shaking ‘Bhebha’ dance impresses Mzansi

Nadia Nakai celebrated her 33rd birthday by doing the bum-shaking ‘Bhebha’ dance move that left the crowd wanting more.

Nadia Nakai Bhebha dance

Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

Nadia Nakai nailed the Bhebha dance with some bum-shaking dance moves while celebrating her 33rd birthday.

It was a fantastic night for Nadia and her friends, celebrating her birthday with other top musicians.

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Announcing her birthday celebrations on Instagram, Nadia said:

“Kicking off my Birthday celebrations tonight @montanatheclub ‼️‼️‼️‼️”

Present was Daliwonga, Tayflavour and Ayanda MVP, who provided the night’s entertainment.

Nadia shared many videos of her birthday celebrations on Instagram, but her Bhebha dance impressed fans the most.

Besides dancing, Nadia produced an excellent singing performance that lifted the crowd.


A few days ago, Nadia was celebrating Pearl Thusi’s birthday, with the pair dancing together.

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The birthday celebrations started at 10PM, but Nadia took to the stage after midnight as people wished her a happy birthday.

She climbed on top of a table, and the crowd started taking videos of her while singing Happy Birthday.

While at the table, the DJ played Bhebha, and it seemed like Nadia was waiting for it.

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Watch Nadia Nakai’s bum-shaking ‘Bhebha’ dance moves celebrating her birthday

While celebrating her birthday, Nadia said she loves it when fans and loved ones call her Big Bragga.

Responding to Nadia’s post, fans and celebs like DJ Zinhle and Boity Thulo send her lovely birthday messages celebrating with her.


The Bhebha challenge has been going viral of late and many celebs, and TikTokers have done it.

Among them is Nkosazana Daughter, who did the challenge with epic dance moves that impressed fans on TikTok.

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Bontle Modiselle and Simz Ngema also did the Bhebha challenge and their fans loved it.

Watch Nkosazana Daughter’s ‘Bhebha’ dance moves