Musa Motha

SA amputee dancer Musa Motha on Britain’s Got Talent. Images via YouTube screenshot

‘There are many possibilities for the future’: e.TV visits Musa Motha

‘The Morning Show’ delivered on its promise to visit South African dancer Musa Motha in London whether he won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or not.

Musa Motha

SA amputee dancer Musa Motha on Britain’s Got Talent. Images via YouTube screenshot

In celebration of the youth month, The Morning Show travelled outside the boarders of
Mzansi to find some of the most inspirational young South Africans who are doing incredible things on a global stage. One such person is Musa Motha, an amputee dancer who took the world by storm and flew the SA flag high with his breath-taking performances on Britain’s Got Talent.

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Musa, who is an inspiration to many, proved to the world over that he will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams. He made it to the finale of Britain’s Got Talent, and although he did not win the competition, the 27-year-old from Sebokeng captured the hearts of many with his extraordinary talent, resilience and determination.

The Morning Show travelled to London to bring Musa’s story to Mzansi to inspire not only the
youth but the entire country where the narrative is often too negative and some young people
have even lost hope. A promise was made live on air to Musa during his interview on The
Morning Show
that the show’s crew will pay him a visit in London whether he wins or not to
celebrate him.

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Musa says The Morning Show’s visit is perfect as it brought home to him all the way to

“The visit made me feel like home was brought to me, so special. There are many
possibilities for the future,” said the ecstatic Musa

Yusuf Stevens, The Morning Show’s Executive Producer proudly says the show always takes it
a step further when it comes to story telling. He says viewers must brace themselves as from
Monday, 26 June, they will get to see a side of Musa they do not know.

“South Africa will get to see some of the inspirational things our golden boy Musa is doing on a global stage. We will be telling Musa’s untold story and you will definitely be blown away by this powerhouse”.

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Musa Motha Britain's Got Talent
SA dancer Musa Motha on Britain’s Got Talent. Image via YouTube


Musa’s leg was amputated after he was diagnosed with a bone cancer called osteosarcoma in 2006

“It was not easy for my family but for me it was not really that deep because I was still young and I didn’t understand what cancer was,” he told TimesLIVE.

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Before then he played footballer, but later fell in love with music and learnt how to dance through his friends who would draw squares on the floor.

“I used my left crutch as my left leg and extended arm,” he told the outlet.