DJ Zinhle

Mörda said he had adjusted well to being married to his wife DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram @djzinhle_and_morda_fanpage

‘It’s organic, we don’t force it’: Mörda on being married to DJ Zinhle

Mörda and DJ Zinhle have adjusted well in their marriage. The smitten lover said that his relationship was ‘organic’ and ‘easy”.

DJ Zinhle

Mörda said he had adjusted well to being married to his wife DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram @djzinhle_and_morda_fanpage

Bongani Mohosana popularly known as Mörda has spoken openly about how loving DJ Zinhle changed his perspective on life.  As reported by TshisaLive on 22 December, Black Motions’ band member shared reasons why loving his other half came so easy to him.


Documented on the first episode of season two of their Showmax show, DJ Zinhle, The Unexpected, Mörda gushed over his newly wedded wife. The couple revealed that they had taken their relationship to new levels.

Speaking to TshisaLive, DJ Zinhle’s husband said,

“I am in that space where love changed my life. My wife changed the way I think and my outlook on life and how family comes first.”

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The smitten husband said he wanted to grow old with the Umlilo hitmaker. He decided this after realising that the love of his life were Zinhle and the kids.

“I didn’t want to get stuck in vat ens sit mentality,’ he said.

“We support each other. It’s organic. We don’t force it,” he added.

Mörda said that he and Zinhle were very happy to be married to one another. He was quoted saying that he had adjusted well to parenting two daughters, his child Asante and his stepdaughter Kairo.

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle and Mörda are living their best life as a married couple. Image via Instagram @djzinhle_and_morda_fanpage

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DJ Zinhle’s past on and off relationship had many social media users scratching their heads and wondering whether the couple were even compatible.

Her controversial relationship triangle with her ex-boyfriend and father of her first child AKA Forbes and Bonang Mathemba had netizens doubting that the Colours hitmaker would ever find herself in a healthy relationship.

In 2016, Times Live reported that the super mega and Zinhle were feuding. This came after the rapper saw a picture of the DJ wearing one of Euphonik’s Nonke t-shirts during their split. What spiked the problem was that AKA’s girlfriend at the time had had a long relationship with Euphonik. The super mega was not feeling the bold move Zinhle made in sharing the picture online and called the stunt “petty” and “unnecessary”.

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