Mohale Motaung is looking for love again. Image via Instagram @mohale_77.

Ooh la la! Mohale shoots his shot with handsome SA actor

Mohale the ‘bag securer’ has seemingly got a big fat crush on local actor Sandile Mahlangu and is working hard to get his attention.


Mohale Motaung is looking for love again. Image via Instagram @mohale_77.

It’s been almost two years since Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung shocked South Africans with their dramatic split. Accusations of emotional and physical abuse were flying left right and center as thousands tuned in to leaked recordings of Mohale spilling the beans.

Despite the big dramatic ending, he doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings and may have already found himself a new love interest. Somizi on the other hand is securing enough gigs to upset certain South Africans.

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Mohale shoots his shot on Twitter

Mohale Motaung is doing good for himself despite splitting from his uber-rich celebrity husband Somizi Mhlongo only shortly after their extravagant wedding.

Not only has he bagged himself a cocktail bar, but he has seemingly also bagged himself a new crush. While Mo hasn’t exactly introduced anyone to his supporters officially, he has been publically shooting his shot with How To Ruin Christmas actor Sandile Mahlangu.

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The man of the moment, Mohale Motaung. Image via Instagram @mohale_77.

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Taking to the social media app, Mo has been openly hitting on Sandile by commenting on many of his posts and sharing cute compliments.

“My happiness is you,” he wrote about one of Sandile’s posts.

Fans are happy af!

Many of the young man’s supporters were happy that he was able to move on despite the drama that engulfed him for the last few years. Others however joked about how sad the news may make poor Somizi. Some even commended him on his perseverance.

Here are their comments:


“Consistency is everything! I love this”

@enzeka1 said:

“Mohale is a bag securer.”

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