Mnike Tyler ICU

Mnike single art cover. Image: Apple Music.

Mnike by Tyler ICU – Amapiano Song of the Day

We’re celebrating South Africa’s leading music genre: Amapiano. Here’s today’s song of the day is Mnike by Tyler ICU.

Mnike Tyler ICU

Mnike single art cover. Image: Apple Music.

South Africans are proud to call Amapiano the country’s dominant music genre. The deep basslines, subtle piano chords, and social commentary in the vocals are just irresistible.

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To celebrate what has been the rebirth of the kwaito music genre, here is our new daily feature called Amapiano Song of the Day.

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According to Apple Music’s Amapiano Lifestyle charts, Mnike is the number seven best song.


Meanwhile, the track’s streams on YouTube have gone up to 19 million views in four months.

Here some reactions to the song via Youtube:

@dennylefebvre7096 said: “This frequency is calling for love and peace this is the vibration we need right now from head to toe you can feel it this music is all inclusive Love is the Answer – egoless , hypnotic after all the pain, war and current disasters this healing tone is rising thank you for this Masterpiece.”

“The arrangement on this is insane. Every section is catchy. Haike Haike Haike, Nika Nika-ha-ha Nika Nika. Mnike Mnike Mnike. The beat drops so catchy. The bassline is insane. The way the vocalist delivers the Yasiza hook bit also catchy. It just draws you in and keeps giving you dopamine hits. Banger!!!” said @MRDAUVEVO.

@LupitaHernandezG836 from Mexico said: “OMG, I’m a Mexican Gen X woman that just recently was introduced to Afro beats and this song has definitely awakened my Afro roots!! Indescribable feelings for words right now!! And the dancing omg I’m mad I wasn’t introduced to these introduced to these beats years ago!! I’m getting a sense of healing, thank you Tyler ICU.”

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