Andile Mpisane family game

Andile Mpisane during a family game. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

‘Rich Family Fun’: MaMkhize laughs as Andile Mpisane fails a family game [watch]

Indeed, wealthy families have fun; watch MaMkhize laugh at Andile Mpisane as he fails a family-building game.

Andile Mpisane family game

Andile Mpisane during a family game. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

It was a family fun day as MaMkhize laughed at his son Andile Mpisane for failing the building game.

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When many other people had gone out to clubs and had drinks, MaMkhize and her family decided to stay indoors. As a family, they enjoyed many games, including the building game that Andile failed at last.

The Mkhize family is a successful family business; they have done so through unity. They always make sure to put family first, as do they when doing business. This is indeed a happy family, and continued bonding through games, as shown by MaMkhize, must be one of the reasons they are so successful.

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Of course, bonding is excellent, but hearing MaMkhize laughing at Andile for failing a game is just sweet and friendly. What a beautiful family they have!

First part of the game


Indeed, Andile showed how much of a risk taker he was as he later failed to remove the right block to the building. With many other family members playing the game, the person who pulled the wrong block would lose the game as the building fell. On the video, MaMkhize captioned:

Ohh l love my family

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Everything started well, and many players wanted to take their chances when the building was still solid. However, as more and more blocks get removed, the atmosphere became tense, and nobody wanted to touch the building.

With all this happening, MaMkhize enjoyed the most as she laughed behind the Camera when Andile Mpisane decided to take his chances. Behind the camera MaMkhize could be heard asking who was going to make the last attempt; of course, Andile was the man with guts, and he removed it. Indeed, such guts only meant he was to break the building or e the game’s champion, and he knew it.

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Indeed, he only missed slightly as the building fell, and everyone laughed at him as he lost it all. Of course, by now, Andile knows the costs of wanting to be the best.

Watch as MaMkhize laugh at Andile Mpisane for failing a family game


Indeed, this is precisely the best way to describe the Royal AM superstar. He loves to be the best and is willing to go through hell to be one. Andile Mpisane did this in the family game when he risked it all to win but failed.

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A few months ago, he decided to be a professional footballer, and he took that route and is making serious strides. He is also a musician and has been making waves with his hit song Makhwapheni.

Of course, having her mother laughing at him as he risks it all is an ingredient to the success he is used to.