Mama Joy expensive lifestyle

Mama Joy enjoying France where she is currently backing the Springboks. Image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke

R10k a night? Outrage at Mama Joy’s alleged hotel price

Chest pains: Mama Joy’s hotel bills have once again caused a stir on X where many are still debating her super fan salary.

Mama Joy expensive lifestyle

Mama Joy enjoying France where she is currently backing the Springboks. Image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke

South African sports fanatic Mama Joy has become a beloved part of the country’s sports celebrations and is currently the face of SA sport fans.

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Over the last few weeks, she has graced the stands in support of the Springboks at the 2023 Rugby World Cup where they defeated France and are now headed to the semi-finals.

Certain supporters have, however, raised issue with the fact that Mama Joy is getting paid to support the team.

One rugby supporter headed online to point out that Mama Joy appears to be staying at the Meliá Paris Champs Elysées which costs between R8 000 and R10 000 a night.

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Mama Joy’s hotel bill irks certain Springbok supporters

“I was today years old when I found out that these two are paid by the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture to go and be supporters in the stands. I’m not joking, they are paid by taxpayers to go to sporting events across the world to “represent” South Africa,” wrote Renaldo Gouws about SA “super supporters” Mama Joy and Botha Msila.

The fan was quickly blasted by the Department of Arts and Culture who backed Mama Joy in a lengthy statement.

It would appear the statement was not enough to calm Gouws down as he has once again headed online to highlight just how much money was going into Mama Joy’s France visit.

Taking to X, Gouws shared a photo of the sports fanatic inside the hotel lobby.

Mama Joy
The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture has highlighted the role of Mama Joy and Botha Msila at the ongoing 2023 Rugby World Cup. Photo: Twitter @robertmarawa

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Signage on the wall indicates that it is the Meliá Paris Champs Elysées which will set one back at least R10k on the weekend.

This was pointed out by Gouws who made a point of searching the hotel and price.

Slightly mistaken

It would appear that Gouws may have been mistaken about which Meliá hotel she is staying at.

A different photo of her outside the Meliá Paris La Défense which costs half the price of the Champs Elysées.

Take a look below:

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Fans weigh in

In the comment section, rugby fans were once again divided over whether or not she deserves to be there or not.

Many defended her and slammed Gouws as racist.

“Chest pains and jealousy will have you missing such an amazing World Cup. We won yesterday, did you see?” one person said while another added:

“If she was white, you wouldn’t be tweeting nonsense. White people are used in benefitting alone. Leave mama alone.”

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