Natasha Joubert boyfriend anniversary

Natasha Joubert and her boyfriend. image via Instagram @enrico.vermaak

‘Made in heaven’: Natasha Joubert’s boyfriend’s anniversary message thrills Mzansi

They have been together for 8 years – Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert’s boyfriend’s 8-year anniversary impressed fans.

Natasha Joubert boyfriend anniversary

Natasha Joubert and her boyfriend. image via Instagram @enrico.vermaak

Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert’s boyfriend penned a heartfelt message on their anniversary.

Natasha and her boyfriend Enrico Vermaak had been making all sorts of headlines when Natasha won the Miss South Africa.

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Since then, even Enrico has become a celebrity and received so much attention.

On 24 September, the couple celebrated their eighth anniversary, and his message thrilled many fans.

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One fan felt that the couple looked like a match made in heaven.

“Beautiful, a match made in heaven ✨️ 😍 💖”


Sharing on his Instagram, Enrico showed a side not many fans knew before.

“8 years ago today, fate brought us together, and my heart has been full of gratitude ever since.” she said.

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“Here’s to the beautiful journey we’ve shared, and to many more years of love and memories. I love you endlessly. ❤️” he finished.

Natasha also penned a lengthy message celebrating their eighth anniversary on Instagram.

“8 incredible years together. My forever high school sweet heart.❤️ To forever together.🥰 @enrico.vermaak” she said.


After Natasha Joubert and her boyfriend shared their anniversary messages, fans congratulated them.

“Congratulations enrico🎉🎉🎉🩵🩵🩵 Happy anniversary both of you🥰”

“Congratulations you are such a beautiful couple ❤️❤️”

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“me and my nandos chicken looking at each other before i eat it:”

“Congratulations! This is one wedding I cannot wait to see. Just know your love is eternal! He supports you so beautifully😍”

“Ahhhhh😍 okay melting right hey how cute…love is always beautiful to behold truly😍…”

“We love him for you forever . Mr Southa bathong 🙌🔥”