Ink alert: Movies the reason w

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Ink alert: Movies the reason why Ludacris only have three tattoos

Rapper Ludacris who has also been on the big screen in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise tells us why he had to put a stop to his ‘need for ink’.

Ink alert: Movies the reason w

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Rapper-turned-actor Ludacris put a stop to his “head-to-toe” tattoo plans years ago after realising the body art would impact his experience on movie sets.

The Fast and Furious franchise star only has three inkings, but in a new interview for Men’s Health magazine, admitted he would have liked to have many more had he not started working in Hollywood.

Tattoo ‘make-up sessions’ a pain for Ludacris

“I used to want to get a lot of tattoos, and then I started, humbly speaking, shooting movies, and sometimes they have to cover your tattoos so you gotta sit in the make-up chair for hours while they cover your tattoos, so I stopped getting them at only three,” he told the publication.

Disturbing Tha Peace

Among Ludacris’s tattoos is a depiction of his Disturbing Tha Peace record label logo on his left bicep.

After the chat was released, Ludacris shared a video clip with fans on Instagram, and captioned it, “The REAL reason why I only have 3 of them, cause I definitely wanted to keep going from head to toe (sic).”

Ludacris on getting ripped

Elsewhere in the Men’s Health interview, Ludacris discussed his diet and exercise regime, and revealed he works out six days per week. But the 43-year-old insisted he makes a point of treating himself on his rest day.

“My goal isn’t to look like the most ripped, biggest guy in the gym,” he shared. “I just want to be functionally right in between the man that works out hard, but that mother**ker drinks beer and whiskey on the weekends.”

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