Faith Nketsi says goodbye to another love interest
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Local Kim K: Faith Nketsi unlucky in love

The reality star may have what some may have a successful career but not when it comes to her dating life.


Faith Nketsi says goodbye to another love interest
Image Source: X (GistLovers)

The news that Faith Nketsi whose full name is Mapholoso Faith Nketsi was finally divorcing her short-term husband Nzuzo Njilo was met with relief from fans of the reality star and businesswomen.

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The road to divorce

The reason behind the celebration of the divorce was because Faith’s brand took some knocks when her husband’s corrupt business ways were aired on the covers of Mzansi’s biggest tabloids. This did not help the reality star who already had a controversial history from accusations of running a brothel to an affair with a married man.

The marriage was seen as being doomed from the beginning because of the way that it was rushed. The reality star who shared her pregnancy on the latest season of her reality show, Have Faith’s. earned the sympathy of the nation. Her sharing of the pictures of ninth month year old baby kept the haters quiet.

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Faith has confirmed divorce after many rumours were shared by the public and the media. The reality star according to Briefly has moved on to greener pastures

Doing a Kim K?

The irony when it comes to Faith Nketsi is that what took her from being part of a dance group to a sorta kinda ‘It Girl’s was her relationship with a man which led to an alleged sex tape. This rumour started doing the rounds when the singer who was celebrating a four year anniversary on holiday with the unnamed man who she starred in the supposed video with.

This is very similar to the sex tape that featured Kim Kardashian who was also celebrating a holiday with her then boyfriend Ray J who starred in the sextape with Kim.

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The local reality star has denied all the rumours that have been put up to her of leaking the sextape herself. 

The latest season is available channel 129 on BET (DSTV) 

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