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Woman showed off her club bill on X. Image via Instagram: @KonkaSoweto

Yho! Netizens react to woman’s ‘3.2 million’ club bill [photos]

‘What was she eating? Was the food prepared by Maria from the Bible?’: Netizens were shocked after seeing a woman’s club bill total.

bill, Nightclub-tips-waiters

Woman showed off her club bill on X. Image via Instagram: @KonkaSoweto

A popular social media user took to X (the social media platform previously known as Twitter) and posted a screenshot of a Ugandan woman’s club bill which had other social media users in a frenzy as seen on Thursday, 25 January.


X user known as Daniel Marven had social media users’ jaws dropped when he posted a screenshot of a woman’s club bill and then captioned: “She spent 3.2 million at the restaurant”.

A woman known as Martha Kayug posted a photo of her club bill showing a total of 3 252.000.00 as seen in the screenshot. It can also be seen that she spent the whopping amount on several drinks including a bottle of Don Julio 1942, Grey Goose vodka, KWV Classic Chardonnay wine, two Red Bulls, six sodas, and seven bottles of water.

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“Our bill tonight was mad. One thing I can tell you is that life is so much better with money. Let’s make money,” she captioned the photo of her bill.

While the bill might have had netizens in a frenzy at first, after seeing all the things the woman had purchased, it became clear that her bill was not in rands. Since she is from Uganda as seen on her social media bio, netizens figured that her bill must have been in Ugandan Shilling.

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When converting 3 252.000.00 Ugandan Shilling to rands it amounts to an estimated R16 200. In November 2023, the Ugandan currency was said to be getting even weaker with pump prices rising, an increase in inflation, transport, and basic commodities, Monitor reported. According to the publication, Forex Traders expected a further decline in Ugandan Shilling in the following weeks to come.

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Photo of women in a club. Image via Instagram @konkasoweto


“Who told you she was the bill payer? She was a watcher and photographer of the bill,” @iluyimbazi said.

“What was she eating was the food prepared by Maria from the Bible?” @Ndi_Muvenda_ asked.

“3.2mil at once. In this life, just have money,” @AlexandriaUzor reacted.

“She must be a multi-billionaire then or have a rich sponsor 🙄,” @GodPikin00 wrote.

“Water & Red Bull & soda that cost R20 000 – R30 000! If this isn’t money laundering, I don’t know what u guys call it!” @Seshoeshoe_maps commented.

“The Don Julio 1942 bottle is R5k- R16k here. So this is not in rands,” damelin1104 replied.

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