Sir Trill

Amapiano star Sir Trill. Images: Instagram @sir_trillsa

‘So many hits, and I’ve never seen a cent’: What happened to Sir Trill?

Sir Trill was one of the most sought-after stars but disappeared from the limelight against the backdrop of record label woes; where is he now?

Sir Trill

Amapiano star Sir Trill. Images: Instagram @sir_trillsa

Despite being dubbed one of the best Amapiano sensations, Sir Trill – born Mzwakhe Tumelo Zwane – disappeared from the spotlight, leaving many trying to connect the dots about what happened to him.

With a career spanning years, Sir Trill has managed to wow many with his music and has capped his career with several accolades.


Over the years, he has kept his private life under wraps, leaving many to guess even about his early career. Unconfirmed reports have it that he had his shot to fame in 2017, according to The Celeb City. Over the years, he has released several songs and has featured in some of the biggest hits.

However, everything seemingly fizzled out against the backdrop of his newfound fame, and the star is working on getting his spark back. Sir Trill seemingly had his shot at fame as an independent but reportedly tied himself to an unknown record label that exploited him.

In February 2023, he said he hadn’t received a cent from his smash hits. He admitted that several people did him dirty. Taking to social media media, he posted, “It’s tiring and mentally damaging. So many hits, and I’ve never seen a cent. I’m tired.”

Sir Trill added, “Never been an artist that talks much or exposes much. This will be a joke to some of you, which I understand. But it’s mentally damaging and exhausting. What are we working so much for?”

Mzansi quickly alleged that Sir Trill was under BlaqBoy Music, which controversial DJ Maphorisa owns. DJ Maphorisa has often hogged headlines for the wrong reasons in recent years, from gatekeeping to exploitation allegations.


Rumour mill has it that against the backdrop of his woes, he went off the hook on several social media platforms. However, against his woes, he established his record label, Ghost Music Group. He has undoubtedly been taking baby steps, proving that no one can dim his light.

He has been dropping some collaborations, and Mzansi has given him a nod. The recently dropped Xola features CiCi and Msongi. Sir Trill has also been active on social media, sharing his musical journey after his woes.

However, Sir Trill hasn’t posted much on his YouTube channel since 2022.