Unathi baby daddy son initiation

Unathi and her son. Image via Instagram @unathi.co

Watch: Unathi Nkayi and her baby daddy celebrate their son’s initiation

Unathi Nkayi and her baby daddy Thomas Msengana united, singing and dancing to celebrate their son’s initiation.

Unathi baby daddy son initiation

Unathi and her son. Image via Instagram @unathi.co

Unathi Nkayi united with her baby daddy, Thomas Msengana, for their son’s initiation.

Indeed, it was a massive celebration for the family, especially for Unathi, who it as an answered prayer. According to Xhosa customs, a boy has to go to initiation school, and when all goes well, he returns a man.

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Unathi’s son graduated in the Embo initiation, and his family and friends welcomed him as a man.

They celebrated with him, friends, and family, singing songs of joy. Unathi was also with them.

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Indeed, getting together with her baby daddy showed how mature Unathi and Msengana are.

Some separated couples have since failed to enjoy their children’s success together, and Unathi had some kind words for Msengana.

“Snako’s dad WE DID IT♥️ Thank you my children’s dad. I came for a man today. I love our family”

Unathi baby daddy son initiation
Unathi celebrating her son initiation. Image via Instagram @unathi.co


Sharing on her Instagram, Unathi Nkayi celebrated her son’s initiation and penned a heartfelt message.

“THANK YOU to all our friends and family who shared this special moment with us.” she said.

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“THANK YOU to the Embo Initiation Academy for the dignity in which you take care of our sons.” she continued.

“You TRULY do deserve the title you have earned of being the BEST INITIATION SCHOOL in the COUNTRY. Ozithobileyo🙏🏾 uMama ka Singaye ♥️ CAMAGU” finished.


After Unathi Nkayi and her baby daddy celebrated their son’s initiation, many fans congratulated him.

Melanie Bala “It is done 🥹🥹🥹 What a beautiful celebration of uSinako! Camagu 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Congrats @unathi.co @thomasmsengana 🧡”

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi “Ooooh man, uSnake yindoda sibulela uThixo! Congrats to you guys, inkulu ke lena into. No more sleepless nights of agony and waiting mama. ❤️”

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Zama “What is the celebration about, if you dont mind me asking?”

Aaron Moloisi “Siyacamagusha…kooRhadebe, Mthimkhulu, Ndlebe’ntle zombini…!”

Azzie “Those who watched it more than twice come gether here”

Sibongile “@unathi.co you guys are my favorite couple, nicelwa yimi, please. @thomasmsengana love always wins. Jst get married again guys ❤️❤️❤️ ngiyanithanda”