Tyla won a Grammy. Image via Instagram @tyla_seethall

WATCH: Tyla’s historic Victory at the Grammys!

Discover Tyla’s historic Grammy win for Best African Music Performance, marking a global triumph for South African music.


Tyla won a Grammy. Image via Instagram @tyla_seethall

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards will be etched in history, not just for its dazzling performances but for a momentous victory that resonated across the African continent. South African songstress Tyla Laura Seethal, in a breathtaking Versace ensemble, clinched the Grammy for Best African Music Performance, marking a new chapter for African music on the global stage.

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A Historic Achievement

The announcement of her win left Tyla in awe, her reaction a blend of shock and sheer delight. “Oh my! What the heck? What? Oh my gosh! Guys, this is crazy. I never thought I’d say I won a Grammy at 22 years old,” she exclaimed, encapsulating the gravity of her achievement.

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This triumph was not just personal; it signified the recognition of African music, with Tyla being the inaugural recipient in this new Grammy category.

Celebrating African Music: Tyla’s Passion and Advocacy

Renowned for her love and advocacy for African music, Tyla’s Grammy victory symbolizes the genre’s deserved recognition on a global scale. “I love African music, and I believed in it for so long. I am just happy that it’s getting its recognition now,” said Tyla, reflecting her deep connection with her roots.

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This sentiment was echoed by Zizi Kodwa, the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, who lauded Tyla as a proud ambassador of South African arts and culture.

Beyond the Grammy: Tyla’s Ascending Career

Beyond the Grammy stage, Tyla’s career trajectory has been nothing short of phenomenal. Her single “Water” broke into Spotify’s top 40 global playlist and achieved a remarkable standing on the Apple Music US chart, the highest for a South African artist since the viral hit Jerusalema.

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With a recording contract with Epic Records, Tyla’s journey is a beacon of inspiration, signalling a bright future for South African music on the world stage.

Tyla’s Grammy win is more than an award; it’s a testament to the rich tapestry of African music and its growing influence. As she continues her ascent, Tyla stands not just as an artist, but as a symbol of hope and the boundless potential of African talent.