Cheslin Kolbe inspire school kids

Cheslin Kolbe. imag via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

Watch: Springbok Cheslin Kolbe inspires primary school kids

Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe went back to his primary school in and had time with the school kids inspiring them.

Cheslin Kolbe inspire school kids

Cheslin Kolbe. imag via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe returned to the roots as he inspired kids at his primary school.

Cheslin Kolbe had been with the Springboks as they defended the World Cup in France.

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He played an important role, and many fans worldwide consider him the Springboks’ most important player.

His block against France went viral, and many young players and kids considered him a role model.

Upon coming back to South Africa, Cheslin Kolbe had been celebrating with his teammates.

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They made tours across the country, but after that, Cheslin decided to go back to his roots.

He met his under-7 coaches and the kids, and it was all a fantastic day.

Showing his coaches, Cheslin looked so happy taking pictures with them.

“My under 7 rugby coaches”

Cheslin Kolbe inspire school kids
Cheslin Kolbe with the kids. image via Instagram @cheslinkolbe


The Springboks star attended his primary school at Scottsville Primary School, where he went back.

He had time to meet with the kids and discuss with them as they saw a community legend.

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Cheslin also had time to go and watch them doing their sports activities, and he walked around the ground waving to fans.

He expressed his joy on Instagram, celebrating what they have done together as a community.

“Good to be back in Scottville and see all the familiar faces. Deliberating what we have done with the community”

Cheslin Kolbe is back in his community. video via Instagram @cheslinkolbe


AS Cheslin Kolbe continues to inspire primary school kids; he also celebrated his daughter’s birthday.

He wished her well on Instagram, and many fans also joined in wishing her well.

sassy_bakes “Happy Birthday Princess, Mommy why did she not have a Sassy Bakes Cake😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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toffo_zulu “Happiest Birthday to our National Baby, Our Little Boo Bear 🎁🥳🎈”

ray.abass “Happy birthday Mila 🎉. She’s the female look alike of u ❤️”

tarrynjulies6396 “My favorite little family❤❤ happy birthday mila little angle❤❤”

itscarlyvdwalt “Happy Blessed Birthday to your Beautiful Daughter 🥺❤️many Blessings ❤️❤️!!!”