celebrities cast their votes

South African celebrities cast their votes at different polling stations. Images: Instagram @casspernyovest @ leratokganyago @ladydu_sa

WATCH: SA celebrities cast their votes

‘With less than an hour to go’: Several South African celebrities urged their followers to vote after participating in today’s election.

celebrities cast their votes

South African celebrities cast their votes at different polling stations. Images: Instagram @casspernyovest @ leratokganyago @ladydu_sa

Millions of South Africans, including celebrities and public figures, cast their votes in today’s elections, which are considered the most historic since independence in 1994.

The polls opened at 7:00 and will close at 21:00, with over 27 million voters set to decide on the next South African president.


Political figures, including African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema, Bheki Cele and other political party leaders have already cast their votes.

Many South African celebrities have already cast their votes. Some took to social media to urge voters to turn out for the polls. Some of the celebrities include amapiano star Lady Du, celebrated fashion designer Rich Mnisi, Learto Kganyago and Cassper Nyovest.


Taking to Instagram, Lady Du shared a clip casting her vote. She made it known that she woke early, just like everyone else, so that she could vote on time.

She captioned her now-viral post, “I woke up at 4 a.m., Nina. They opened at 7 a.m., but we voted. Please go and vote. I’ve done my part. I stood in the line like everyone else. We had such amazing conversations.”

Lady Du added, “Disclaimer: I asked permission to take the video. You are not allowed to post the ballot paper with your vote.”


Radio personality Lerato Kganyago also cast her vote and urged South Africans to vote. South African comedian Marc Lottering and his husband Anwar Mc Kay also shared their photos in the queue to vote in Zonnebloem, Cape Town.



Rapper Tina Manney, best known as Gigi Lamayne, cast her vote at Kibler Park, south of Johanessburg. She said, “It’s nothing that shouldn’t be about me. It’s about me deciding my future,”

However, she hopes that the election results will bring a change. “Young people who have grown up in democracy, who are still struggling to find jobs, who are still struggling to have a voice to represent them. I hope that we will tackle the issues of health, mental health, unemployment, crime rates and violence against women and men,” she said.


However, reality TV star Tirelo Kale of Izingane Zesthembu and property tycoon Thato Mbha also cast their votes. TT Mbha, was in Pimville, Soweto.

He said, “I’m here with my parents, and it’s a special moment for me that they’re still alive. Not many people can say that about themselves. It’s special for me to see them vote after the pain of apartheid,” he said.