Muvhango actress Rendani

Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi. Images: Instagram @inno_mm_

WATCH: Muvhango actress Rendani welcomes her bundle of joy

“What a journey, what a God! Our baby was born of love and into love,” Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi welcomes her bundle of joy.

Muvhango actress Rendani

Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi. Images: Instagram @inno_mm_

Barely a month after announcing her pregnancy, Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi ‘Rendani’ and her husband have welcomed their bundle of joy.

The actress announced the news in an Instagram post shared on 14 April.


No doubt the post has since gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. Fellow celebrities and fans were quick to flood her comments section with some congratulatory messages.

Innocentia Manchidi shared a video with her bundle of joy as she penned a heartfelt note about her pregnancy. Innocentia Machidi posted, “What a journey, what a God! Our baby was born of love and into love.”

However, she also gushed over her husband, who ensured she had a ‘smooth pregnancy.’ “To my husband @mphomanchidi, thank you, baby, we did it so effortlessly. Thank you for making sure I had a smooth pregnancy from day one until the end,” part of the post reads.

Innocentia Manchidi also thanked her family and friends for keeping her pregnancy a secret until the time was right.

Innocentia Manchidi posted, “I would bump into some of you, take pictures, and ask that you don’t post until I do, and you respected that. Thank you to everyone who did not feel the need to announce or comment about my pregnancy before I did. I respect you so much.”


In February, Innocentia Manchidi took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. She shared some photos with her husband during a maternity photoshoot.

The actress posted, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. What a God! We are in our season of abundance: joy in abundance, gratitude in abundance, blessings in abundance.”

Innocentia Manchidi added, “This is a new love uncovered, and I’m so blessed. Call us Mama and Papa Manchie.” This is Innocentia’s first child with her husband. The two reportedly started dating in high school and have been together ever since. Over the years, they have wowed many with their love life.


Little is known about her return to Muvhango, but the actress once said she hopes to grow her career this year. With an illustrious career spanning years, she has fast become one of the most celebrated actresses and has wowed many with his unmatched flair.

Innocentia Manchidi has also had her fair share of success on air as a radio host. No doubt she is jill of all trades.