Mawhoo Okmalumkoolkat

Mawhoo and Okmalumkoolkat. Images: Instagram @ everythingsamusic

WATCH – Mawhoo’s stage name meaning, relationship with Okmalumkoolkat revealed

‘It’s a Japanese name which means magical, and I got it from Okmalumkoolkat’ – Mawhoo reveals the meaning of her stage name.

Mawhoo Okmalumkoolkat

Mawhoo and Okmalumkoolkat. Images: Instagram @ everythingsamusic

Amapiano sensation Mawhoo is topping trends in the backdrop of her interview on Everything SA Music. During the interview, she dived into her blooming career and those who helped her within the industry.

The interview has since gained thousands of reactions and comments since it dropped.

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What left many puzzled was the meaning behind her stage name, Mawhoo. Fans were also shocked to learn that Okmalumkoolkat gave her the name after fans struggled to pronounce her birth name.

Born Thandeka Ngema, Mawhoo has it that many struggled with her name until Okmalumkoolkat gave her the name Mawhoo. Over the years, she has quickly become a household name in the music industry thanks to her smash hits Nduma Ndumane and Ngilimele.

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Of interest is the fact that the name Mawhoo means magical in Japanese. She has it that she used to put on Chinese makeup, which seemingly inspired the name. However, despite her newfound fame, she gave Okmalumkoolkat his flowers, and Mzansi was more than pleased with her gesture.

Since her thrust into the limelight, she has remained relevant and has been dubbed one of the best fast-rising stars. She has perfected her performances in recent months and has been busy and booked.

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Despite her newfound fame, Mawhoo has had her fair share of drama. Mawhoo once topped trends in 2023 when her steamy alleged OnlyFans video made rounds on social media.

The video went viral barely a few weeks after she was reportedly gifted a new Mercedes-Benz by his controversial alleged boyfriend, Hlubi Nkosi. The two topped trends when Mzansi connected the dots about their alleged affair, which they are yet to make public.

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