Cardi B's lookalike

Cardi B’s lookalike spotted at Spar. Image: TikTok @vincekhalill2

WATCH: Cardi B’s lookalike spotted at Spar

A cashier at one of Spar’s branches dotted around South Africa is trending thanks to her striking resemblance with American rapper Cardi B.

Cardi B's lookalike

Cardi B’s lookalike spotted at Spar. Image: TikTok @vincekhalill2

Social media was abuzz after a video of American rapper Cardi B’s lookalike flooded social media. A cashier at Spar who resembles the multi-award-winning rapper has been trending since her video went viral.

No doubt she not only has some striking resemblance but also does some signature gestures similar to Cardi B’s.

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The now-viral video has been making rounds on social media since it dropped. It has gained thousands of comments and reactions as Mzansi tries to connect the dots about the Spar cashier, who resembles Cardi B.

Popular content creator Vince shared the video TikTok. The Spar cashier assisted customers with groceries in the now-viral video. However, little is known about the woman and the Spar branch from which the video was taken.

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Against the viral video, fans expressed amazement at how much she looked like Cardi B. Mampho Lelimo posted, “She’s even more beautiful than Cardi B, an African woman.”

Vince commented, “She’s so pretty, neh ugh.”

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She joins a host of South Africans who have often hogged headlines because of their striking resemblances with celebrities. DJ Black Coffee’s lookalike hogged headlines in 2023 after he went viral on social media.

In 2023, Mamelodi Sundowns women’s team star Miche Minnies topped global trends due to her striking resemblance to Brazilian great Ronaldinho. Fans jokingly claimed that the Brazilian star had a daughter in South Africa during one of his visits.

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