Walter Mokoena

Walter Mokoena. Image via Instagram @waltermokoena

Walter Mokoena’s employees claim he has not paid them

Former SABC sports presenter Walter Mokoena’s employees claim he is arrogant when they ask for their salaries.

Walter Mokoena

Walter Mokoena. Image via Instagram @waltermokoena

Disgruntled staff members at The Joburg Post, an online news and media company owned by Walter Mokoena, are accusing the former SABC sports presenter of owing them money.


According to Sunday World, a senior staff member has claimed that Mokoena has been struggling to pay them for months.

“In 2023, I joined The Joburg Post, excited for the opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth.

“However, what started as enthusiasm soon turned into frustration and disappointment as I, along with my colleagues, experienced a series of injustices and unethical behaviour,” the employee said.

The source further alleged that sometimes their salaries are late.

“Despite our dedicated work, Walter Mokoena failed to fulfil his obligations, consistently delaying salary payments and disregarding our concerns. His actions have not only caused financial strain but have also eroded trust and morale within the team,” the senior staff member added.

Another employee claimed that Mokoena does not care about their grievances, alleging that he is brazen when they raise them.

Asked for a comment, Mokoena said: “I won’t comment as the matter would be determined in our court”.


According to staff members, Mokoena’s financial woes began when he lost his job as the special advisor to former minister of sports, arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa. He was also allegedly affected by his divorce from former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Nosizwe Vuso.

In 2022 Sunday World revealed that the renowned sports personality’s six-year marriage to Vuso ended. He was also previously married to DJ and actress Pearl Thusi, with whom he shares a teen daughter named Thandolwethu Mokoena.

Confirming the split, he said: “It’s a fact and fact of life, it is what it is. It’s like anything that disappoints and hurts. You can’t sit there and wallow in self-pity and lament. Even the great Madiba [the late President Nelson Mandela] had to go through these kinds of things. Successes and failures are a part of life,” he said.

At the time, Mokoena also said that he needed to introspect because he might be the problem as he was headed for his second divorce.

“Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m not good at this thing. I tried my best on two occasions and I failed. I don’t think I’m good at this thing. Maybe the problem is with me. I must also look at myself. As much as the success of this marriage would have had my fingerprints on it, its failure should also have my fingerprints on it.”