Siya Kolisi NBA shoutout

Siya Kolisi’S NBA shoutout. Image via Instagram @sportcollecter

Waaaaal: Siya Kolisi gets a shoutout at the NBA [video]

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi got a shoutout at the NBA, and many fans loved the connection between the two sports.

Siya Kolisi NBA shoutout

Siya Kolisi’S NBA shoutout. Image via Instagram @sportcollecter

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi got a shoutout at the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Siya Kolisi became a double Rugby World Cup-winning captain when the Springboks won it in France.

It was an emotional and tricky tournament for Siya Kolisi, who started the tournament injured.

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Fortunately, he healed well enough to contribute and lead the team in the final games.

His leadership and quality helped the Springboks win by a point in all their games, from the quarterfinals to the finals.

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Most fans celebrated with Siya Kolisi, and his dancing and singing made him one of the fan favourites.

Sport Collector shared the excellent video on Instagram, and they described how good it was.

“Siya Kolisi, with his wife and Children in New York City to watch an NBA basketball 🏀 game was shown love, meeting Fellow Roc Nations Sport NBA Stars 🔥”

Siya Kolisi NBA shoutout
Siya Kolisi. image via Instagram @sportcollecter


The Springboks captain had been moving around the world, and his family was epic when he went for the game at the NBA.

The moment showed how much sports can integrate and improve society and community.

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As the Springboks captain got his shoutout, many fans cheered and celebrated with him.

After getting the shoutout, the Springboks captain also waved back to fans, and he was all smiling, showing how good a moment it was.


Many fans cherished such a beautiful moment after Siya Kolisi got a shoutout at the NBA.

MJ Ncube “Siya Kolisi, Tyla, Trevor Noah, Black Coffee representing us. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Milangaye_Njoks “Most influential and that is on period😍😢”

TrapLyricalContent “wave a t for dollars.. man life’s good bigg time for bro rn🧲🎯💥”

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Zuzumuzi Ngomane “The most decorated SA Rugby captain. He did twice back to back 🔥🔥”

Nicole Daniels “Told my daughter Brooklyn this vid was specially for her after working very hard at school as she had a difficult year after being dethroned from only child to big sis of twins 😂”

ThembaT “Oh captain my captain ✊✊ leadership… pop by Boston next time that’s my team @celtics”