Lorna Maseko's

Lorna Maseko. Image via Instagram @lornamaseko

WATCH: South Africans slam ‘Top Billing’s’ Lorna Maseko’s cooking

‘She really can’t cook,’ said one South African on social media after watching celebrity chef, Lorna Maseko’s cooking video.

Lorna Maseko's

Lorna Maseko. Image via Instagram @lornamaseko

Former Top Billing presenter, Lorna Maseko’s cooking video went viral on X after South Africans criticised her cooking skills.


X user @nexuslevy shared a video of the media personality on Sunday, 25 February and jokingly said she needs to get arrested for her cooking.

“I need Lawner Maseycor arrested,” he wrote.

In the viral video, which has been watched nearly 1 million times, Maseko cuts a cabbage in half, cooks with butter and boils eggs.

Another South African @Tshepo591694751 asked: “Is she chowing cabbage and onions?”


@Yolly16680: “She sounds like she’s going through a lot. I hope she is ok, but this meal is not make sure kodwa.”

@Modisenyane_T: “The story being narrated is as flat as the food being cooked.”

@ConservaHeaux: “Lorna can’t cook to save her life. She has been lucky to have a face for TV, but she really can’t cook.”

@Kwah_2cnie: “I’d rather eat Tito Mboweni’s food.”

@Maureen_Murai: “Lmfao. When I get married, I’m going to cook this for my in laws. So, I never have to cook at family gatherings.”

@NoviceNovivi: “Bro! On Homegrown Tastes South Africa, she baked malva pudding but instead of flour, she used mealie mealie. As in impuphu. I was.”

Rae Seleme, Author at The South African