tito mboweni

Tito Mboweni has been mocked over his latest cooking concoction.
Images via X: @tito_mboweni

‘Prison food’: Tito Mboweni dragged over another disastrous dish

Former minister Tito Mboweni has been dragged for his ‘cooking crimes’ after sharing a look at his Sunday ‘roast’…

tito mboweni

Tito Mboweni has been mocked over his latest cooking concoction.
Images via X: @tito_mboweni

If there are two things Tito Mboweni is known for, it’s his tenure as the former South African Reserve Bank governor and his passion for cooking.

But while he knows a thing or two about finance, the same cannot be said about his food preparation. That’s the consensus from his X followers after he shared a look at his latest culinary concoction. 

Tito – who has a degree in economics and political science –  is known for his dare-devil dishes.


On his X account, Tito Mboweni poked fun at his cooking critics with a picture of his Sunday roast.

Except the roast  – this time a full chicken – was not prepared in an oven but thrown in a pot of water and oil.

The 65-year-old cheekily tweeted: “Despite loadsheding, this came out nice. ( not drowned!)”.

By the looks of it, the chicken had not been seasoned and had been paired with a hefty serving of watery pap.

Needless to say, Tito Mboweni’s fans were not convinced of the meal being appetizing. 

@LeoCharles20326: “Hey Tito, this looks poisonous… are you really eating this?”

@kingLeeThe1st: “Is there a possibility that Tito can be charged and be sent to prison for the cooking crimes?”

@mansongwanyanya: “Came out nice? Can’t believe you were once entrusted with the country’s purse!”

@shepiek: “My brother Tito cooks prison food, unprovoked”

@lesibamike: “You are becoming worse every day”

Earlier this month, Tito Mboweni had his followers concerned for his health after he cooked a full chicken in a pot of olive oil.

He’s also known for his love of tinned pilchards, mopani worms, and chicken feet, which he cooks using an unbelievable amount of onions, garlic, and peppers.

tito mboweni
Tito Mboweni has sparked concerns for his health. Images via X: @tito_mboweni


Meanwhile, several followers wanted to know where Tito Mboweni’s wife is, and why she allows him in the kitchen.

According to IOL, Tito -from Tzaneen – is not married, but does have three children.

One of them is Tumelo Mboweni, who like his father, also studied at the University of Lesotho.

The former Minister of Finance once clapped back at claims that cooking was a “woman’s job.”

When one follower told him to “find a wife”, he responded: “I don’t get it. Why is cooking associated with me getting a wife? Why do we genderise cooking? I can cook good food. Hayibo!”.