Tito Mboweni had another cooking disaster. Images via X: @titomboweni

Tito Mboweni had another cooking disaster. Images via X: @titomboweni

Eish! Tito turns tin fish into a mess during latest culinary adventure

Tito Mboweni is back in the kitchen and once again making a mess. His latest disaster involved his favourite ingredients, tin fish and garlic.

Tito Mboweni had another cooking disaster. Images via X: @titomboweni

Tito Mboweni had another cooking disaster. Images via X: @titomboweni

Former South African finance minister Tito Mboweni is certainly enjoying his retirement from politics. The fun-loving minister has been working on his cooking skills for years now and appears to have most of his fun in the kitchen. On Friday this week, things went terribly wrong for the ex-minister who unfortunately burnt his tin fish meal.

Taking to X, Tito shared photos of the meal before and after the disaster and as usual, his comments section was flooded with jokes about his techniques.

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Tito Mboweni slips up in the kitchen – again

If there is one thing about former minister Tito Mboweni, it’s that he loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking his favourite meals.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned for Tito who often ends up creating a disaster.

Taking to X this week, he shared some snaps of his latest cooking fail after attempting to make one of his favourite meals, tin fish curry.

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tito mboweni. pilchards
Tito Mboweni loves spending time in the kitchen. Images via Twitter: @tito_mboweni

It would appear that he left the meal on the stove for a little too long because the tin fish was a shade of black which looked unnatural.

“This was not the PLAN ! Total utter disaster! Shem,” he captioned the photos. Take a look below:

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Mzansi gets to criticising

Many in the comment section took to blasting the former minister who they say cooks the same way he used to manage the country’s finances – poorly.

“I can’t believe we once trusted a man who can’t manage his kitchen with the country’s finances. No wonder our economy is the way it is now!” wrote one app user.

While another said:

“I hope this is the only thing you couldn’t muster, comrade Chief. Otherwise, we may start wondering what was happening there by the reserve bank.”

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