Thuso Mbedu Porsche

Thuso Mbedu shows off her Porsche. Images: Instagram @thuso.mbedu

‘Hey, best friend’: Thuso Mbedu shows off her R2.5m Porsche [photos]

No doubt Thuso Mbedu has a soft spot for Porsches and is not shy to show it off. The actress is trending after showing off her R2.5m Porsche.

Thuso Mbedu Porsche

Thuso Mbedu shows off her Porsche. Images: Instagram @thuso.mbedu

South African actress Thuso Mbedu is trending after she showed off one of her Porsches in an Instagram post. With an illustrious career spanning years, she has quickly become one of the most sought-after actresses.

Over the years, she has wowed many with her unmatched flair and has become a Hollywood darling. However, she has made Europe her playing ground and has managed to cap her life of glitz and glamour with the world’s finest things, from designer clothes to cars.


Taking to Instagram, Thuso Mbedu shared photos of a sleek Porsche Cayenne GTS, which she called a ‘friend.’ The photos of the car have been making rounds on social media since they dropped on the internet.

They have gained thousands of comments and reactions since Thuso Mbedu shared them. Mzansi was more than convinced that the actress had added another Porsche to his impressive car collection that cost a fortune.

Thuso Mbedu once revealed that she has six Porsches. However, the rumour mill has it that she has 9 Porsches and counting. Last year, she added a new Porsche 718 Boxster to her impressive Porsche collection.

Against Thuso Mbedu’s purchase, Dr Musa Mthombeni confirmed the rumours with his congratulatory comment. Dr Musa Mthombeni commented: “Porsche number 9. Wow. I’m inspired! Teach me. A young lady with 9 Porsches.”

No doubt she has a soft spot for Porsches and is not shy to show it off. In 2022, her team gifted her a brand-new Porsche as a birthday present. However, little is known about how much Thuso Mbedu splurged on her trending Porsche Cayenne GTS.

The powerful SUV has a price tag of R2.5 million in several dealerships worldwide. However, prices vary with model, extras and year of manufacture.


Thuso Mbedu had her shot to fame in 2014 and has won big ever since. She has starred in several drama series and has capped her unmatched flair with several awards. She has starred in:

  • Isibaya
  • Scandal
  • Generations: The Legacy
  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Woman King

However, Thuso Mbedu has received more than 12 awards monitions and has won several accolades, which include:

  • South African Film and Television Awards – Best Actress TV Drama
  • Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards – TV Breakout Star
  • Gotham Awards – Outstanding Performance in New Series
  • Independent Spirit Awards – Best Female Performance in a New Scripted Series

No doubt Thuso Mbedu has managed to remain relevant since her thrust into stardom.