Andile Jali new wife

Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15

‘That’s a real wife’: Andile Jali’s new lover impresses fans [pictures]

Moroka Swallows midfielder Andile Jali’s new lover impressed fans with how she looked, and they called her ‘The real wife’.

Andile Jali new wife

Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15

Moroka Swallows Andile Jali showed off his new lover, and the fans called her a real wife.

Andile Jali had been married to Nonhle Ndala, and they had been one of the most loved couples in South Africa.

They got married in 2015, and they immediately became a fan favourite.

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Both of them were celebrities, making their marriage so famous that they became a national talk.

To many fans’ surprise, the marriage of Andile and Nonhle did not pass the test of time as they divorced.

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Many fans took it seriously, and most blamed Nonhle, saying she was the reason for their divorce.

After moving on from Nonhle, Andile Jali finally shows the woman he is in love with.

He was out of words to describe her, but the love emojis showed how much he was in love.


Andile Jali new wife
Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15


Sharing on his Instagram, Andile Jali only shared a picture but told nothing about her details.

Andile’s lover was wearing a black dress that looked more like a decent dress to many fans.

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She also had a doek on her head that made her look like a decent makoti, which got her more marks.

Overall, she won many fans’ hearts and looked happy with a big smile on her face showing her teeth.


After Andile Jali showed his new lover, many fans called them a real wife and welcomed her.

mbalenhlemajola “I like it for you nice one semhle very decent looking classy”

rushhour “Umfazi ke lo bafo into enenhlonipho uyibuka hhay loyamsangano loya”

Ali “Love it for you AJ👏👏👏not that hlanyo who tried to make her ex jealous using u n sundowns”

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Bukeka BK Geju “Wife material, you chose well this time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Thabo SirJ “Ewe tata. Uvuke net sooo uthongulule ngoThando Mhlekazi.”

MsTee “Type yakho, u Nkosikazi qobo lona. Ayiyo i diva tuu🙌❤️”

Sfisombhele15 “With the duest of apex veneration,I’m beyond not only enraptured on your benevolent behalf Tata,but moreso I’m hugely humbled and greatly convinced beyond celebratory mode that you’ve found the most congruent and incredulous one.Here’s to my well wishes bhuti.❤️🙏”