taariq jaftha, danica, aleesha

The family of Taariq Jaftha’s wife Aleesha or Danica have shared their concerns.
Images via Instagram: @dalejessep/ TikTok: @taariqjaftha

‘Going to fight for you’: Family of Taariq Jaftha’s wife cries for help [watch]

The family of Danica or Aleesha – claim all three of Taariq Jaftha’s wives – are in danger amid allegations of domestic abuse…

taariq jaftha, danica, aleesha

The family of Taariq Jaftha’s wife Aleesha or Danica have shared their concerns.
Images via Instagram: @dalejessep/ TikTok: @taariqjaftha

According to the family of Taariq Jaftha’s wife Aleesha – previously Danica – she had a plan set in motion to leave her alleged abusive marriage.

Hardly a day after her escape in the middle of the night, she was back in her family home after her husband reportedly tracked her down.

Taariq – the brother of Instagram influencer Nadia Jaftha – has courted controversy in recent days amid allegations of domestic abuse towards his three wives.

He’s also made headlines for his homophobic and religious discrimination rants on TikTok.

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In an Instagram Live on Saturday, 24 February, the family of Danica or Aleesha Jaftha shared their concerns about her reuniting with her husband Taariq.

According to friend Kathy, Danica had contacted her last week about leaving amid her alleged troubles with Taariq. Kathy claimed the plan came into effect in the middle of the night when Danica reportedly called after Taariq had fallen asleep.

She said: “We’d been preparing for this for the longest time. It was so intense. I knew I had to help.

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She continued: “She [Danica] didnt have shoes on because she didnt want to make a noise. It was an escape”.

Kathy claims that Taariq came to fetch Danica the next day and prevented them from communicating with each other alone.

Danica’s emotional mother also joined in on the IG Live.

Weeping, she said: “I love you dearly. We know we’re going to get you and the children back. We’re going to fight for you”

Both Danica and Taariq have repeatedly claimed on social media that there is no cause for concern. They’ve also refuted the allegations made by her family.

However, the public – including Danica’s family and GBV activists Women For Change – believe she is being held under duress.

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Meanwhile, Danica’s family claims Taariq Jaftha’s other two wives are also allegedly in danger and have been “indoctrinated”.

According to Dale, the family of Taariq’s second wife has also expressed their concerns for her wellbeing. Taarq’s third wife also allegedly shared her support for Danica or Aleesha to leave the home.

taariq jaftha, nadia jaftha, danica, aleesha
Image via TikTok: @taariqjaftha


In a TikTok Live, Taariq Jaftha’s mother, Nawal, claimed that her three daughters-in-law should lay charges with the police if they saw fit.

Nawal – also an influencer – has been accused of enabling her son.

“I’m tired of this s***t,” she said before threatening to block hundreds of TikTok users.

The South African has reached out to Nawal and Nadia over the allegations but has yet to receive a response.