Stoan Seate

Stoan Seate. Image supplied

Stoan Seate suffers third-degree burns: “It could have been worse”

Musician and actor Stoan Seate suffered third-degree burns after a gas fire accident on New Year’s Eve.

Stoan Seate

Stoan Seate. Image supplied

Stoan Seate had a rough start to the new year. The star revealed on his Instagram page that he had sustained third-degree burns after a gas fire accident. In the video, Stoan shows followers his injuries, which include scars from the burn on his arms. Stoan seems to be recovering well and appeared calm in the video as he told fans that his injuries could have been worse. He expressed how grateful he is to be alive following the incident.

Stoan appeared in several projects throughout the years, including the series Soul Buddyz and most recently Showmax’s hit series ‘The Wife’. He stated that he is grateful for the projects he has done throughout the past year.

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How did Stoan sustain his injuries?

Although full details weren’t revealed, Stoan stated the incident was similar to a gas fire explosion. Gas explosions can occur with faulty gas-powered appliances. As loadshedding occurs quite often most South Africans are also likely to use gas-powered appliances such as stove burners for cooking food.

Stoan’s injuries

Stoan was indeed lucky as third-degree burns can be quite severe and take a while to heal. In the video, he showed his followers the injuries on his nose, lips, and arm. A bandage can be seen on his wrist, with more third-degree burns on his lower and upper arms which appear to be healing.

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“Fire is such a destroyer but a builder as well”

Stoan turns 49 this year and seems grateful for his life following the incident. He stated: “I had to take a moment and send a prayer to God to say thank you for the pain because I know that means I’m alive”. As reported by TimesLive, he recently celebrated his 28th wedding anniversary with wife Dolly Gaehler.

Stoan reflects on his life

Although it appears Stoan’s injuries are bringing him down, he says in the video that he is working on healing and reflection. He thanked fans for the support as his comments were filled with fans wishing him well.

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