Layla Kolbe KFC Japan

Layla Kolbe. Image via Instagram @layla_kolbe

‘Sorry l’m South African’: Layla Kolbe finally finds KFC in Japan [watch]

That was a wild celebration – Cheslin Kolbe’s wife, Layla Kolbe apologised to the Japanese after she found KFC

Layla Kolbe KFC Japan

Layla Kolbe. Image via Instagram @layla_kolbe

Layla Kolbe found KFC in Japan when she was not expecting it, and she celebrated wildly.

It’s been a few weeks of adjusting to a new life in Japan for Layla and his family.

They moved to Japan when her husband, Cheslin Kolbe, signed for Tokyo Sungoliath, and he was impressed.

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On his debut, Cheslin was the man of the match, showing that he had adapted well.

Indeed, finding a KFC in Japan is another good thing for the family as they would get to eat the food they know.

Layla was in the queue to watch Cheslin play when she accidentally saw a KFC shop.

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She screamed, celebrating as she went straight to buy the food.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, Layla Kolbe apologised for her behaviour.

“Sorry l’m South African lYKYK.”

Layla Kolbe KFC Japan
Layla Kolbe. Image via Instagram @layla_kolbe


Undoubtedly, KFC is one of the most popular fast-food providers in South Africa.

They are always making headlines with their food, and Layla was one of their top customers.

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The joy she showed when she saw the KFC outlet showed how much she loved KFC.


Finding KFC was another great discovery for Layla Kolbe as she adjusted to the new life in Japan.

When the Kolbes arrived in Japan, they had dinner at a local restaurant and seemed to enjoy the local food.

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Whenever they had time, they went touring the town, which helped them so much to settle and feel at home.

A few days ago, they toured Tokyo as a family, taking pictures and videos.

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Many fans loved it, and the energy of their firstborn daughter left many fans laughing.

Sharing on her Instagram, Layla looked happy to have such a particular time with family.

“Don’t we just love taking a family pic? Why the walls in my home are still bare!. Spot the ever ready battery 😅”