Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele has worked long and hard and has a considerable estimated net worth to prove it. Image via Instagram @thee_sonia

Sonia Mbele to sue couple who allegedly assaulted her at popular club

Former ‘Generations’ actress Sonia Mbele is fighting back legally against a couple who allegedly assaulted her.

Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele has worked long and hard and has a considerable estimated net worth to prove it. Image via Instagram @thee_sonia

Actress and producer Sonia Mbele wants to teach couple Uyanda Mazibuko and Zamo Tshabalala a lesson for allegedly assaulting her at a popular restaurant and nightclub at the weekend.

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According to her PR manager, Thato Malindi, the former DiepCity actress has consulted her lawyer.

“She is definitely going to take legal action, that was abuse. Even if you don’t like someone, you have no right to attack them,” Malindi told Zimoja.

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On Monday, a social media gossip account called Buzzy B claimed that Sonia and Uyanda assaulted each other at Saint in Santon, Johannesburg, allegedly over Zamo.

“Uyanda confronted Sonia accusing her of dating her man who she also a side chick to. The two fought ratchetly in front of the elite Sandton patrons and their fight was so ghetto they pulled their wigs off,” it was reported.

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However, another gossip account, Maphephandaba, had a different version. It is reported that both Uyanda and Zamo attacked Sonia and chased her away from their table, humiliating her in from of her friends who were there to celebrate her NFTA award with her.

According to a source, Uyanda is bitter because Sonia denied her a chance to be on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) a couple of years ago. Uyanda was approached by the producers to be on the third season, however Sonia discovered that she was too young at the time, as cast members have to be 25 or older, Uyanda didn’t take that too kindly and is bitter about that.

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Zamo is said to have pulled Sonia’s wig when she was leaving the table.

“I’m completely traumatized and shocked by such evil 👿 my producer friends and I walked away peacefully but that was not enough. Being bullied at a restaurant was not cool!” Sonia commented under the Maphephandaba post on IG.

Following the incident, the couple was allegedly banned from the restaurant, however, the club’s manager Chris Nkosi said they were not at liberty to comment on the matter.