skomota manager

Skomota performing. Images: X @MbalulaFikile

‘R1k after gigs’: Skomota reveals how much he receives from his manager [video]

Skomota is trending after he revealed that he receives R1k after gigs from his manager despite their alleged charge rate being R35k.

skomota manager

Skomota performing. Images: X @MbalulaFikile

Skomota has suspended all bookings until further notice amid exploitation rumours. The viral sensation is making headlines after his close friend and manager took a swipe at his manager, Moruti wa Dikota, for exploitation.

Skothane sa Pitori revealed that Moruti wa Dikota was allegedly defrauding Skomota thousands.


During a sit-and-tell interview with LiPO Podcast, Skothane sa Pitori said Skomota has no bank account, and all his bookings are made through Dikota’s account. Skothane sa Pitori also revealed that Skomota has no access to the account.

However, during the interview, it was also revealed that Skomota has made over R1 million in bookings but hasn’t received his fair share. No doubt the allegations come a few months after Mzansi questioned Skomota’s relationship with his manager.

Against their woes, Skomota has made it known that all bookings have been cancelled. MDN News posted, “Skomota has cancelled all his bookings until further notice. They say they are requesting Moruti Wa Dikota to appear before a meeting with them, along with Skomota’s family, to resolve the issues regarding his money.”


However, Skomota also revealed how much he allegedly receives from his manager after shows. Despite being busy and booked, Skomota was allegedly pocketing R1 000 per gig despite their charge rate being pegged at a whopping R35 000.

MDN News posted on X, “Skomota says Moruti Wa Dikota gives him R1 000 after gigs, and sometimes it does not come in full. Skomota’s charge rate is allegedly R35 000. But such money goes into Moruti Wa Dikota’s accounts.”

Against the backdrop of his newfound fame, the rumour mill had it that Skomota makes a whopping R545 000 monthly. However, a leaked WhatsApp chat earlier this year revealed that Skomota costs R90 000 to book. Sadly, Skomota has been pocketing less despite being busy and booked.

Skomota also revealed that sometimes he would not even receive money from his manager. No doubt, this has left many in tears. Against the trends, his management hasn’t shared their story.


Skomota had his thrust into the limelight in 2023. Against his newfound fame, he has quickly become one of the most booked club hosts. He has headlined several shows and has performed alongside some of South Africa’s finest, including Makhadzi. He has also rubbed shoulders with several A-listers, including DJ Tira.