sizwe dhlomo anele mdoda

Anele and Sizwe are both very vocal about the racism incident. Image: Instagram via @zintathu and @sizwedhlomo

Sizwe backs bestie Anele amid Ben Voster learner racist incident

Sizwe Dhlomo has echoed his bestie Anele Mdoda’s views on the Ben Vorster grade 9 pupil’s racist incident this week.

sizwe dhlomo anele mdoda

Anele and Sizwe are both very vocal about the racism incident. Image: Instagram via @zintathu and @sizwedhlomo

South African media personality Anele Mdoda has been very vocal about her disdain over a video of a young white South African teenager using a racial slur towards famous YouTuber Sonwabile. In the clip, the teen refers to the content creator as an “EFF k****r”.

Anele has since called on the Ben Voster student to face legal action. This has however been criticised by some social media users who believe the Breakfast Club host has “double standards” when it comes to racism.

And now her close friend and fellow media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has come to her defence.

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Sizwe Dhlomo stands with Anele in Ben Voster learner racism incident

Anele Mdoda found herself getting blasted by angry social media users after she tweeted that the white school child in the viral racist video should caught and brought to justice.

The media personality was accused of starting a witch hunt for an underage child by many who pointed out that she openly supports Julius Malema who is famous for chanting “Kill The Boer”.

Sizwe Dhlomo
Sizwe Dhlomo is catching strays online again. Images via Twitter: @sizwedhlomo

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And now her friend Sizwe Dhlomo has joined the chat after he too was called out for praising the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who visited the child’s school yesterday.

Effective EFF?

Responding to Sizwe use of the word effective in describing the EFF, one app user wrote:

“Effectiveness in the wrong direction is disastrous. Acknowledging their effectiveness in this regard can mean acknowledging how damaging they are to society.”

Clapping back, Sizwe, like Anele, wrote that the child was in the wrong and that white children who are taught racism are equally as bad as the EFF’s resort, for society.

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