France fans welcome Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi has no interest in running a country. image via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘Not my scene’: Siya Kolisi doesn’t want to be SA’s president

The idea of having Siya Kolisi as South Africa’s president appeals to many. The Springbok captain, however, has no desire to run a country.

France fans welcome Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi has no interest in running a country. image via Instagram @siyakolisi

South African rugby player Siyamthanda “Siya” Kolisi is currently one of the country’s most loved sports personalities. The young star just led the Springboks to their second World Cup victory and is currently doing great on French team Racing 92. The people of SA are so proud that many of them have suggested that he run for president.

He has finally answered them and unfortunately, he has no interest in running a country. He recently opened up about the matter in an interesting interview.

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Siya Kolisi responds to calls to be SA president

South African national rugby team captain Siya Kolisi continues to win over Mzansi’s heart.

Watching him grow as a player and seeing how he keeps the team motivated and united has definitely won him many fans — both locally and internationally.

Siya Kolisi, the captain from South Africa with two Rugby World Cup victories, observed from the stands as his newly joined team, Racing 92, participated in a match.
Siya Kolisi, the two-time Rugby World Cup-winning captain from South Africa, doesn’t see a future in politics for himself. Image via @siyakolisi/Instagram.

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This is why so many South Africans who are desperate for political change have shared their views on having someone like Siya — or even Siya himself — run the country.

More charity, less politics

Speaking to Daily Mail recently, however, Siya revealed that he has no desire to run a country and prefers to run his charitable organisation, The Kolisi Foundation.

He also discussed gender-based violence in South Africa and how it has negatively impacted the country.

“Political involvement? Not my scene. My focus is on my foundation. I recently visited New York to engage in fundraising activities for it. Sadly, South Africa holds the unfortunate top spot in global gender-based violence statistics. The issue hits close to home, with my aunt and mother being the first individuals I knew who faced abuse.

“In my community, witnessing such incidents occurs so frequently that it starts to feel commonplace. It’s concerning to become desensitised to such occurrences. Disagreements between men and women often escalate into physical altercations, as there is a prevailing trend of men not expressing themselves verbally,” he said.

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