Sho Madjozi side hustle

Sho Madjozi. Image via Instagram @shomadjozi

‘Defeated’: Sho Madjozi’s latest hairpiece leaves moms stressed

‘December was the final straw, but she’s doing this again,’ said a mom about Sho Madjozi’s new hairpiece which is driving kiddies crazy.

Sho Madjozi side hustle

Sho Madjozi. Image via Instagram @shomadjozi

South African media personality and singer Sho Madjozi — real name Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif — announced last year that she was launching her own hair fibre range. The John Cena hitmaker is famous for her colourful braids and last week sent social media into a frenzy with her sparkly set. The hair was sold out almost immediately after it went on sale.

Taking to X, she thanked her fans for the support while sharing that she is working on getting more out. And now she has debuted a new hairpiece which has left mom’s feeling stressed about how their children are going to react.

Sho Madjozi’s hair fibre a big hit in SA

South African girls across the country love Sho Madjozi and her famous colourful braids.

So much so, that when she shared photos of herself with a sparkly new set, many people asked her to please plug them with the hair fibre for their children.

Sho Madjozi's hair range is selling out fast. Images via X: @ShoMadjozi
Sho Madjozi’s hair range is selling out fast. Images via X: @ShoMadjozi

Heeding to their call, the singer then launched a website selling all sorts of colourful and sparkly hair fibres.

Unsurprisingly, the hair sold out pretty quickly and she couldn’t be anymore chuffed. Taking to X, she thanked everyone for the support:

“Ok, you guys were NOT PLAYING! 13,000 visitors on the site. Most colors sold out in the first few hours. I got to see what colors you liked the most and phase 2 of orders is coming in just a few days!. It’s going to be a very sparkly December,” she wrote last year.

In light of her success, she launched a new product — detachable colourful braids. While it’s only been a few weeks on the market, moms are worried the hair will cause too much excitement for their little ones.

One mom hilariously called Sho Madjozi out for starting the hair craze. Take a look below:

Mzansi loves it for her

In the comment section many congratulated her on her success and the quality of her colourful hair.

“Mina I have two daughters ngalelo xhesha!!!!,” one person said while another wrote:

“They want a petition.”