Nonhle Ndala's age

Andile Jali’s ex-wife Nonhle Ndala. Images: Instagram @nonhlejali_

‘She looks 20’: Andile Jali’s ex-wife Nonhle Ndala’s age shocks SA

‘Older than she looks’: Reality star and fitness enthusiast Nonhle Ndala is trending after she revealed her age in an Instagram post.

Nonhle Ndala's age

Andile Jali’s ex-wife Nonhle Ndala. Images: Instagram @nonhlejali_

Nonhle Ndala is a South African reality star and fitness enthusiast. With an illustrious career spanning tears, she has quickly become a brand.

Over the years, she has fast become one of the most followed fitness professionals in South Africa, and her youthful looks have often thrust her into trends.


Nonhle Ndala has been trending after she revealed her age on Instagram. She took it to Instagram, shared one of her picture-perfect photos, and captioned it with her age. She posted, “Motherhood has been kind to me ❤️ #MotherOfFour @ #40.”

No doubt, Mzansi was puzzled to learn that she was 40 years old. Many were then convinced that she looked way too young. Some fans were quick to ask about her skincare routine and diet. After all, she knows how to look sharp and fit as a fitness trainer.

Nonhle Ndala was born on 23 May 1963 in Heidelberg. Surprisingly, she was seven years older than his ex-husband, Andile Jali. The two started dating in 2013. Rumour mill has it that they tied the knot in 2015 and called it quits years later—the two share three children, Amahle and two twins, Andile Jnr and Amarè.

However, from her first marriage, Nonhle has a daughter, Aurelie. She joins a host of A-listers who have wowed fans with their youthful looks, including Connie Ferguson.


Rumour mill has it that she started as a sales and marketing person before establishing her own print company. The print and design company later expanded into events management and has been winning big.

Apart from her company Nonhle Ndala has featured in several reality shows, including WAGS. She was also part of the celebrity edition of Bootcamp Mzansi. Nonhle Ndala has also made considerable wealth from endorsements and ambassadorial gigs.


Her relationship with Andile Jali was marred by abuse and cheating allegations. In 2018, the two hogged headlines when Nonhle Ndala accused Jali of abuse. Reports have it that Jali assaulted Nonhle after she failed to sleep at home.

On the other hand, Jali accused her ex-wife of assaulting him. In 2020, Nonhle Ndala pulled a shocker when she took a swipe at Jali Sundown’s salary. She went to Instagram Live to reveal that his salary was not good enough to keep her. However, she later apologised to Andile Jali and her family.