RHOD Ameigh Thompson

‘RHOD’ cast member Ameigh Thompson. Image via Instagram @ameigh_thompson

‘RHOD’: Did Ameigh Thompson fake a hijacking? [video]

Things were tense on #RHODurban when it was revealed that one of the ladies faked a hijacking. Were they referring to Ameigh’s 2022 incident?

RHOD Ameigh Thompson

‘RHOD’ cast member Ameigh Thompson. Image via Instagram @ameigh_thompson

New Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) cast member Ameigh Thompson’s alleged hijacking scandal has come back to haunt her.

During the third episode of the popular reality series, the maritime graduate made her debut – introducing herself as a mother, sangoma and divorcee.


Ameigh later officially met the rest of the cast members during Zama Ngcobo’s 40th birthday party. While Zama’s guests appeared to be having fun, things went south when she introduced a “shady” party game.

In the game, the ladies were expected to guess who a statement written on a card referred to. Among the statements was a claim that one of the RHOD ladies faked a hijacking.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, however, as the lady in question was not revealed.

However, if you’ve been on social media long enough, chances are you know who the lady is.


In October 2022, during an Instagram Live session, Ameigh narrated a story about how she was hijacked in June that year.

The founder of Fundisiwe Foundation revealed to her followers that the incident took place in Durban while she was in her car with her children and her friend, Sli Khumalo (who is an anti-gender-based violence activist popular for her beef with DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi).

Ameigh has a son and daughter from her marriage to Ivan Marvis – a drug dealer from Johannesburg, according to the Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) website.

According to Ameigh, during the incident, the alleged hijackers pointed a gun at her children before turning the weapon towards her. When this happened, the RHOD star said Sli ran off with her children and stood a few metres away from the scene. This is also when the alleged hijackers assaulted her and demanded that she gives them her car keys.

Ameigh further claimed that Sli (whom she alluded to being in cahoots with the said criminals) ended up driving her car. She claimed that Sli wanted her life and had attempted to contact her imprisoned husband.


Hitting back, Sli claimed that Ameigh faked the whole incident; including the bruises on her face. She alleged that the reality TV star knew that her estranged husband’s brother was after her car.

Ameigh’s car was allegedly bought by Marvis, who (whilst in jail) found out that her new boyfriend had been using it as his own.

According to Sli, Ameigh has a court case for allegedly producing fraudulent papers in her bid to sell the house she lived in with Marvis. This, she allegedly did after finding out that Marvis had put the house in a trust.