Springboks warn Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi. image via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘Remember you are only on loan’: Springboks fans warn Siya Kolisi

Jealousy Springboks fans have warned captain Siya Kolisi, reminding him that he must know he is only on loan.

Springboks warn Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi. image via Instagram @siyakolisi

Springboks fans have decided to warn Siya Kolisi, reminding him he was only on loan in France.

After lifting the Rugby World Cup twice, Siya Kolisi is the most decorated Springboks captain.

He did so in France a few weeks ago but is now back in France with Racing 92.

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Siya Kolisi signed for the French side, was impressed with his debut performance, and celebrated with fans later.

All this had been in the Springboks fans’ eyes, and they thought Siya had forgotten something important.

After his first game, Siya Kolisi was open to speak of his new family, The Racing family.

“First 🩵 RacingFamily @julienpoupart”

Springboks warn Siya Kolisi
Siya Kolisi and Racing 92 fans. image via Instagram @siyakolisi


It seemed Siya Kolisi had a perfect start to life in France, both on and off the pitch.

He seemed to enjoy the French food, as he shared on his Instagram, and his first game was equally impressive.

After the match, Siya Kolisi sang and danced with Racing 92 fans, and they looked so connected.

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Indeed, this had left some Springboks fans jealous that the French were now enjoying their captain’s vibes.

They, therefore, took it into the comments to remind and warn Siya that his blood would remain gold and green.


After his first few good days, the Springboks fans have reminded Siya Kolisi that he was only on loan in France.

Isabella Chiapasco “Looking good, but remember you are only on loan 😉😁 #MyBloodIsGreenAndGold 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛”

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Zianda Makamolly Ntisa “@isabellachiapasco yes because he belongs to us ..Bokke❤️❤️”

Andisiwe MaDebeza Mcasa “@isabellachiapasco not at all, you’re correct he will forever be ours 🇿🇦🫶”

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Isabella Chiapasco “@zuket_punguzwa_ indeed not- I am proudly South African and extremely thrilled for Siya and his family🇿🇦🇿🇦and we all know he knows his blood is green and gold 💚💛🇿🇦🙏”

Ntombi “@isabellachiapasco and we will come and collect what’s ours😂😂”