Nota spend on Berita

Nota and Berita. Image via X @Shadaya_Knight

Breakdown: How did Nota spend R4.7m on Berita’s success?

South African music promoter Nota Baloyi revealed how much he spent trying to give his wife, Berita, success in the game.

Nota spend on Berita

Nota and Berita. Image via X @Shadaya_Knight

South African music mogul Nota Baloyi revealed how much he spent bringing success to his ex-lover, Berita.

Nota and Berita had been a couple most South Africans cherished with how much they rolled. During their days, they looked like a match made in heaven, victorious and vibing in the music business.

With their rise in music and showing promising signs as love birds, not many fans could believe their love would end. Surprisingly, after a few years of marriage, things turned south, and the love between the two youngsters faded.

Rumours started coming out, and most fans could not believe it, saying it was haters. Before they thought anything, Berita came out in public with several issues, and they separated.

“It’s been a difficult year to be displaced and abused publicly,” she said.

Nota spend on Berita
Nota. Image via Instagram @lavidanota


In an interview with Own Narrative Podcast, Nota revealed how much he spent trying to give Berita success. Nota claimed he spent R4.7 million trying to get Berita set for success.

He said he spent R570 thousand on getting her a master’s degree and R380 thousand on her album from start to end. Nota said he paid for Berita’s education in Colombia, costing R2.8 million and R4.7 million.


Indeed, this had been one of celebrities’ most ugly breakups/separations. When Berita left Nota, she claimed several abuse allegations, but Nota claimed to be innocent.

He even refused to accept that he was divorced, which is true; Nota said he was separated but wished her wife to come back home. Despite showing such a favourable position, Nota still had some exciting experiences he shared about Berita.

He shocked fans when he revealed that he was the first person to tell Berita that her fart smells. Besides that, he also spoke about Berita’s mother, saying she played a significant role in their relationship’s downfall.


Zimbabwean controversial social commentator Shadaya sought permission to analyse Nota’s interview about Berita and how much he spent. Breaking the interview, Shadaya acknowledged that Nota abused Berita but had some interesting analysis that divided fans. Shadaya detailed the interview’s key points, saying they are why marriages fail in this generation.

“Social media – he mentioned TikTok as one of the reasons for his separation from his wife. Whilst porn destroys men, social media destroys women, and it has a negative influence on them β€’ Third party influence – if a woman isn’t led astray by her friends, then it’s her family, usually the female members. In this case, Berita’s mother wanted to live vicariously through her daughter. She wanted Berita to emasculate Nota the same way she did her husband.” he explained his first point.

“Mainstream media – he touched on how the media gaslights men by portraying them as abusive with the GBV campaigns. And this results in men being unable to express themselves because the woman has been brainwashed into thinking that is abuse,” said Shadaya.

“Finances – he touched on how the Zimbabwe economic meltdown of 2008 led to the loss of respect for his father-in-law by his mother-in-law. Indeed, this is the reality: a man is only loved & respected upon his ability to provide. As many economies shrink, that’s just about as many men being reduced to nonentities in their homes,” he said.