MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

‘A prime hater’: MacG continues to drag Tyla, annoys her fans

MacG got on the wrong side of Tyla’s fans after he argued that Tokyo Toni may be right about the ‘Water’ singer joining the Illuminati.

MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

South African podcaster MacGuyver Mukhwevo — well known as MacG by his fans — has found himself and his podcast at the top of trends lists.

This is after he continues to drag Grammy Award-winning South African singer Tyla Seethal. While the star just dropped an album and currently dominates local and international music charts, MacG shared how he agrees with US star Tokyo Toni about her being an industry plant.

Previously, the Podcast and Chill host rubbed her fans the wrong way after saying that all the numbers she is currently pulling have been “manufactured” and “aren’t real”.

MacG continues to take jabs at Tyla

South African songbird Tyla Laura Seethal is going places in the international music scene.

Her hit song Water first went viral on social media app TikTok, where her dance challenge sent app users into a frenzy.

Last year, she released the official music video for the song and so far has been breaking streaming records all over the world.

MacG has been slammed for saying Tyla's numbers aren't real. Images via X: @tylalauraa/@thisiscolbert
MacG has been slammed for saying Tyla’s numbers aren’t real. Images via X: @tylalauraa/@thisiscolbert

The star also won herself a Grammy and is the youngest South African to have done so. According to Podcast and Chill’s MacG though, she doesn’t have any talent.

Previously, he shared that Sho Majozi should have been as big as Tyla. He also said that Tyla’s numbers have been manufactured and aren’t real.

This week, he once again dragged the young star, who he clearly isn’t a fan of.

In a new episode of Podcast and Chill, he discusses how reality TV star Tokyo Toni accused Tyla of joining the Illuminati to gain her success so quickly. According to him, there could be some truth in what Tokyo had to say.

Take a look below:

Being a hater?

In the comment section, many Tyla fans — or Tygers as she calls them — defended her and accused MacG of being jealous of her.

Some simply called him a “hater”.

“At this point MC G sounds like one of those bitter people who screams inyoka whenever someone becomes successful,” one person said while another wrote:

“His concept of Illuminati is flawed. He’s actually jealous I’ve come to pick up.”