Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele says she was a millionaire in her 20s. Image via Instagram @thee_sonia

‘I am still in pain’: Sonia Mbele on accident that broke her leg

Media personality and Real Housewives of South Africa director, Sonia Mbele, says she is taking time off for the rest of the year.

Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele says she was a millionaire in her 20s. Image via Instagram @thee_sonia

Actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele has had a pretty rough 2023 and it has gotten rougher.

This year alone, the Real Housewives of South Africa director has made headlines and received backlash for her trip to Zimbabwe, missing her tax court dates, being allegedly involved in a brawl at a club and for her alleged Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

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This week, Sonia told Zimoja that she was involved in a freak accident at home which has rendered her leg broken.

According to the former Generations actress, she slipped and fell down the stairs. As a result, she has had to close at the office and stay at home for the rest of the year in order to heal.

“I am home for the rest of the year,” Sonia said. “I am still in pain but I will be fine.”

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Earlier this month, Sonia made headlines for a fight that broke out at popular restaurant and night club, Saint, in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The rumour mill reported that she and an influencer named Uyanda Mazibuko were fighting over Zamo Tshabalala – who is Uyanda’s boyfriend. However, Sonia denounced the claims, saying the couple attacked her and she will press charges.

“I’m completely traumatized and shocked by such evil 👿 my producer friends and I walked away peacefully but that was not enough. Being bullied at a restaurant was not cool!” Sonia commented under the Maphephandaba post on IG.

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According to a source, Uyanda is bitter because Sonia denied her a chance to be on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) a couple of years ago. Uyanda was approached by the producers to be on the third season, however Sonia discovered that she was too young at the time, as cast members have to be 25 or older, Uyanda didn’t take that too kindly and is bitter about that.

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Zamo is said to have pulled Sonia’s wig when she was leaving the table.