Young influencer Paballo Noko. Images via Instagram: @paballo.noko

Young influencer Paballo Noko. Images via Instagram: @paballo.noko

‘Only date rich men’: 17-year-old Paballo Noko’s shocking interview

Paballo Noko’s shocking admissions have left South Africans pondering the adverse effects of social media on young women.

Young influencer Paballo Noko. Images via Instagram: @paballo.noko

Young influencer Paballo Noko. Images via Instagram: @paballo.noko

South African influencer Paballo Noko is one of many youngsters who have shot to popularity with the use of TikTok. The 17-year-old has made headlines before after it was revealed that she was dating musician Busta 929 who is reportedly 32 years old.

While she has since ended the relationship, she recently opened up about their relationship that started when she was only 15.

She also admitted that she only dates wealthy men who send her money. The interview has left social media users shocked as they discuss the dangerous influence of social media on teens.

Paballo Noko’s shocking interview shines spotlight on negative influence of social media

In 2023, young social media influencer Paballo Noko made headlines after it was revealed that she was in a relationship with 32-year-old musician Buster 929.

Shockingly, she was only 15 at the time.

Later on, she shared photos of herself posing by a brand new Porsche leading many of her fans to believe she bought the car.

Paballo Noko car
Paballo Noko shows car. Image: Instagram @paballo.noko

This year, she is again topping trends after doing an explosive interview on Limpopo Podcast.

During the interview, she explains how she likes dating “ugly guys” who give her money.

“I only date rich, ugly man who send me atleast R2k for ice cream out of the blue, R5k ‘have a nice day’,” she tells the podcast host.

Take a look below:

The adverse effects of constant scrolling

It is no secret that social media can have vast negative effects on people — especially the young and impressionable.

Social media influencers such as Khanyi Mbau, Mihlali Ndamase, Faith Nketsi and Cyan Boujee have a huge following – mostly young women and girls.

They also post alot of content depicting expensive lifestyles with “perfect” bodies and homes.

While this can be motivating for some, various studies have found that it can also contribute to poor self-worth.

This is because young girls like Paballo, end up comparing themselves to these influencers and in extreme cases try to live like them.

To make matter’s worse, girls who look up to Paballo and follow her on social media may too feel inclined to start living a similar lifestyle.

Agreeing with those sentiments, a concerned X user wrote:

“It’s truly sad but u think it’s the Khanyi mbau effect – it’s uncomfortable now because the kids aren’t shy , no community leaders.”